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Diaspora Sounds Alarm As Dominicans Face Statelessness

A court ruling in the Dominican Republic retroactively revokes citizenship for thousands of people of Haitian descent living in the country. The issue has been building for years, and the responses that have appeared in op-ed pieces across the U.S. tell a complicated history — and offer some dire warnings of what could be ahead.

Economy Looks Better, At Least In Rearview Mirror

Growth was stronger than thought in the third quarter, the Bureau of Economic Analysis says. It now estimates that gross domestic product grew at a 4.1 percent annual rate. That's the best pace since late 2011.

Health Care Rules Relaxed Again, 'Backlash' Follows

After the Obama administration announced that Americans who recently had their health insurance canceled can buy "catastrophic policies," the insurance industry said the change will cause more confusion.

Shop On The Web Or In The Store; Each Has Risks

Some consumers are wary of making online purchases, fearing hackers would steal their credit card information. But as the security breach potentially involving 40 million payment cards at Target shows, even in-store transactions are vulnerable to high-tech thieves.

'Huge Win For Victims Of Sexual Assault' In Defense Budget

The military has come under fire for how it investigates and handles cases of unwanted sexual contact among its personnel. Under new rules, commanders won't be able to dismiss court-martial findings and victims will have more protections.

Overturned Truck Spills Holiday Hams

An interstate ramp outside of Atlanta was tied up on Thursday — not with cars but with 40,000 pounds of ham. The driver wasn't hurt but ham and diesel fuel were everywhere.

When Obama Takes Questions Today, What Should He Be Asked?

The president and his family are due to leave Friday evening for a two-week vacation in Hawaii. Before they take off, Obama will hold a year-end news conference.

Chicago Moves To Limit Petroleum Coke Storage

Crude oil from Canada's tar sands is booming business for refineries but residents of a Chicago neighborhood charge a byproduct called petroleum coke, or petcoke, is a nuisance and health hazard. They want towering mounds of the dusty substance moved out of the city. Chicago officials have reached a deal with one company requiring them to do so.

Minister Defrocked Over Officiating Gay Wedding Will Appeal

United Methodist church officials have defrocked the Rev. Frank Schaefer, who presided over his son's gay wedding.

How Fraud Flourishes Unchecked In Medicare's Drug Plan

Credit card companies routinely flag or block suspicious charges as they happen. Yet under Medicare, a convoluted and poorly managed system for catching fraud allows costly scams for prescription drugs to slide by. The federal government has done little to stop the fraud, an investigation by ProPublica found.