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Senator Cory Booker: Workhorse Or Show Horse?

Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker is heading to Washington. On Thursday, he'll be sworn in as a U.S. Senator, becoming one of just two African-Americans in the upper house. Host Michel Martin talks to former Senator Carol Moseley Braun and Emory University professor Andra Gillespsie about Booker's election and what it signals for the future demographics of Congress.

Teachers Share Their Top Safety Concerns

This December marks the one year anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Since then, more than a dozen other school shootings have occurred - including one just last week. Host Michel Martin checks in with educators from around the country to ask if their jobs have become more dangerous, and hear their top school safety concerns.

Obama's 'Keep Your Health Care Plan' Pledge Fails Fact Checks

One of the president's most famous promises — "if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan" — isn't true for everyone now that the Affordable Care Act is going into effect, say nonpartisan truth squads.

Debate: For A Better Future, Live In A Red State?

Some argue that red-state tendencies toward lower taxes and less regulated, more free-market systems make them ideal places to work and raise a family. But others counter that blue states are wealthier, offer more educational opportunities and are committed to a social safety net.

Tale Of The Tape: Comparing The Budget Committee Heads

As the 29 lawmakers on the bipartisan budget conference committee begin discussions, they'll be led by two negotiators who seem to get along well despite many differences.

Victims Of Tainted Steroid Injections Still Struggling

Health problems linger from a fungal meningitis outbreak that sickened hundreds across the country a year ago. Some people are still receiving treatment. And some who got better relapsed for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

75 Years Ago, 'War Of The Worlds' Started A Panic. Or Did It?

On the evening of Oct. 30, 1938, Orson Welles and his troupe went on the air to say that Martians had invaded New Jersey. Ever since, stories have made it sound as if the broadcast caused a mass panic. But that might not have been the case.

Wednesday Political Mix: Obama's 'Read My Lips' ACA Problem

Republicans increasingly attack the Affordable Care Act for violating President Obama's vow that people could keep health plans they liked... As congressional budget talks start, the White House seems focused more on reducing sequester cuts than getting new revenue... Is there an Obamacare goldmine?

Will GPS Cannon Spell The End Of High-Speed Chases?

Police cars in Iowa and Florida are testing a secret weapon: a small cannon embedded in the grill. It shoots "tracking" bullets — containing tiny GPS devices — that can stick to the trunk of a suspect's car. Police could then follow a suspect at a leisurely pace instead of embarking on a dangerous high-speed chase.

Voters To Weigh In On Fracking In Colorado

A contentious and costly battle is taking shape in Colorado around the practice of hydraulic fracturing. In November, four communities will vote on local ballot issues seeking to limit or ban fracking. A similar measure is on the ballot in Ohio. Proponents say they're worried about health and environmental effects of the practice.