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McConnell Squares Off With Rivals At Ky. Political Picnic

Over the weekend, the western Kentucky town of Fancy Farm was the site of the first meeting between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his likely Democratic opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes. National Democrats promise to make defeating McConnell the top priority as they head into a mid-term election that offers Republicans a good chance of taking control of the Senate.

Beetle Infestation Helps Open Shuttered Saw Mills

Saw mills are re-opening in Colorado and Wyoming after a long lull in the timber industry. They're harvesting and processing trees that have been killed by beetle infestation. Beetle killed wood is just as strong as regular wood.

To Join '63 March On Washington: 'Like Climbing A Mountain'

When civil rights worker Jack Hansan traveled to Washington to participate in the march, the fear of violence breaking out was very real. But the father of four knew he had to be there, not just to witness history, but also to play a part in changing it.

Ecologists Turn To Planned Grazing To Revive Grassland Soil

The world's soil is in trouble. Ecologists say without dramatic changes to how we manage land, vast swathes of grassland are at risk of turning into hard-packed desert. To make sure that doesn't happen, researchers are testing out innovative ways to keep moisture in the soil.

Calif. Gov. Brown Intervenes, BART Strike Averted For Now

Commuters can rest a little easier — another threatened strike at the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system has been avoided, at least temporarily. California Gov. Jerry Brown has appointed a board of investigators to look into the contract dispute that had threatened to shut down the system.

Missed Summer Learning Spells Out Long-Term Struggles

While children attending academically enriching summer camps can improve their education over the summer, kids without the same opportunities might stagnate. Little slips can compound over time, research shows, widening the achievement gap later in life.

Museum Tries To Save The Plant Where Rosie Riveted

The Yankee Air Museum must raise $3.5 million to buy a portion of the former Willow Run bomber plant in Michigan, where Rosie the Riveter worked during World War II. Otherwise, the factory is due for demolition.

Snowden Case Illustrates Decline In U.S.-Russia Relations

Russia has become a relations nightmare for the United States, and its offer of temporary asylum to the NSA leaker and fugitive is only the tip of the iceberg.

FBI Official: Internet A Key Recruiting Tool For Sex Traffickers

Ron Hosko tells NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday that cutbacks at the federal and local levels have made it more difficult to clamp down on the problem.

One Dead After Driver Plows Through Crowed L.A. Boardwalk

The man in the vehicle, who is believed to have turned himself in, initially parked and left his vehicle, but got back in minutes later and ran the car through the crowd.