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Even Mild Mental Health Problems In Children Can Cause Trouble Later

Children with mental health issues are more likely to struggle with jobs, family and social life as adults. And that's true even for children whose problems aren't severe enough to be diagnosed.

Obama Says Iran Nuclear Deal Meets U.S. National Security Interests

In a more than hourlong news conference, the president urged Congress to evaluate "this agreement based on the facts, not on politics." The deal faces much skepticism in Congress and in Israel.

Motorcycles Can Now Run Problematic Red Lights In Kentucky

A new law that takes effect today was prompted by motorcycles' inability to trigger sensors at traffic signals, forcing them to wait long periods at red lights.
WAMU 88.5

Obama To Give News Conference At 1 p.m.

The president is expected to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and the Greek bailout. WAMU 88.5 will pre-empt its usual programming — the second hour of The Kojo Nnamdi Show — to air the news conference.


'Mr. Spider' Says Goodbye: An Art Teacher's Final Day At School

For nearly a quarter century, Mathias Schergen taught in one of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. Now, he's moving on.

Lots Of Other Countries Mandate Paid Leave. Why Not The U.S.?

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and President Obama are fond of pointing out that the U.S. stands nearly alone in not giving its workers paid leave. Here's how it got that way.

3 Emerging Themes From #RaceOnTech

This week, our #RaceOnTech discussion has turned up some common themes regarding diversity in the science and technology fields: the role of identity, the wealth gap and the importance of mentors.

Malware And Hacking Forum Darkode Is Shut Down; Dozens Arrested

Those indicted include an accused administrator who created a large network of hacked computers that stole private data "on approximately 200,000,000 occasions."

States Make Laws To Protect Patients From Hidden Medical Bills

Too many patients only learn after they get the bill that their insurer won't cover some medical services provided in the hospital. New laws in several states aim to stop those nasty surprises.

Solar Airplane's Round-The-World Trip Is Halted Until 2016

Battery problems on the Solar Impulse, the airplane that has been flying around the world using only the sun's power, have grounded it until next spring.