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Bay Bridge Reopens After Troubled Makeover

San Francisco's Bay Bridge is open again, after being closed over the weekend to allow the last phase of a retrofitting project to finish up. While commuters are celebrating the bridge's return, the project was a lesson in cost overruns and delays.

Exhumations Begin At Now-Closed Florida Reform School

Researchers have begun exhuming remains from unmarked graves at a now-closed Florida reform school. Former residents of the school say brutal beatings were routine, and they believe many boys died as a result. At least 50 grave sites have been identified, and it is believed that there may be many more. Several families of boys who died there are demanding answers.

Jersey Shore Feels Summertime Blues After Sandy

Labor Day weekend marks the close of the official summer season on the Jersey Shore. But for some towns, it's like the summer never really began. Destruction from Hurricane Sandy last October kept tourists away. Some towns are still struggling to rebuild. Businesses that rely on seasonal visitors for much of their yearly take are wondering if they'll be around next year.

Mexico Summons U.S. Ambassador, Seeking Answers To Spying Claims

Allegations that U.S. agents spied on Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto when he was a candidate during last year's campaign have led Mexico to summon U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne and demanded "a thorough investigation."

Bay Area's New Span Truly Is A Troll Bridge

After the 1989 earthquake that shook the region, the Bay Bridge had been "protected" by a metal troll welded to the span. Some had worried that the new Bay Bridge wouldn't have its own troll. To the relief of many, it will.

Two Alligators Topping 720 Pounds Each Caught In Mississippi

The massive reptiles, which were both caught Sunday, set new state records for heaviest male alligator. Each hunting team spent hours trying to bring the gators in.

Facebook Chats Prompt At-Risk Minority Men To Get HIV Tests

One of the biggest challenges in public health challenges is reaching people in vulnerable groups. Often influential peers are recruited to help spread the word. When that technique was transferred to Facebook, at-risk Latino and African American Men were more likely to get an HIV test.

Boehner, Pelosi Unite Behind President On Syria

The two House leaders agree that the U.S. should respond militarily to Syrian President Bashar Assad's alleged use of chemical weapons. It's a rare bipartisanship.

U.S. 'Space Fence' Radar System Goes Silent, After 50 Years

The U.S. Air Force has pulled the plug on a radar system that tracks thousands of objects orbiting Earth, from satellites and debris to meteors. The military says the shutdown can save $14 million annually. A replacement plan is in the works.

Managing Money: There's An App For That

An endless number of personal finance apps help consumers keep track of their money. Host Michel Martin speaks with Lisa Gerstner of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, about the different options for tracking savings and spending on mobile devices.