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Healthsherpa Helps Thousands Get Insurance Quotes

The computer coders who made may not have had the best of e-commerce in mind. The site looks like something melded together by a dozen government bureaucracies, and is so bad, it's driven away online shoppers. But a group of coders in Silicon Valley says it doesn't have to be this way. They've created

Machinist Contract Vote Could Lock-In Work On Boeing's 777

Even though it's not a negotiating period, Boeing told the union that members have to vote Wednesday on an eight-year contract extension that includes higher health insurance costs and a pension freeze. Boeing says if they don't pass it, the company may build the next version of its wide-body 777 jet elsewhere.

To Merge, American, U.S. Airways Must Give Up Slots

The Justice Department said the new, combined airline will hand over some slots at key airports to low-cost competitors to assuage antitrust concerns.

How A Free Bus Shuttle Helped Make A Small Town Take Off

Emery Go Round is a free shuttle, provided by businesses in Emeryville, Calif. Not only did the popular shuttle help solve one of the most annoying problems for transportation planners known as the last mile, it helped the city reinvent itself as a home to headquarters for Pixar, Jamba Juice and Peet's Coffee.

Forget The Car Keys — This Commute Requires A Paddle

Rather than traffic jams, kayak commuter Stephen Linaweaver has to look out for container ships. Every day, he paddles in his blue boat from the Port of Oakland to his job in San Francisco. His route may not be shorter than yours — but yours probably doesn't include harbor seals.

Family Rescues Kidnapped Woman; Alleged Captor Is Killed

Bethany Arceneaux's family managed to find and rescue her, days after she was kidnapped in Louisiana. Her alleged captor was shot and died, leading legal experts to cite a "defense of others" concept in state law.

With Pressure From All Sides, Obamacare Vise Tightens On Dems

House Republicans are pushing a bill that would let people keep health plans they like, just as President Obama said they'd be able to (until it became clear they couldn't) under the Affordable Care Act. And even former President Clinton supports the general idea.

Hawaii's Senate Gives Final Approval To Same-Sex Marriage

The bill cleared the state Senate on a 19-4 vote, with the chamber's lone Republican joining three Democrats to oppose the measure.

Shift In Cholesterol Advice Could Double Statin Use

For decades, knowing your cholesterol number was the first step in preventing heart disease and stroke. Heart specialists would shift away from specific cholesterol targets under new guidelines. A risk-based approach tailored to each patient would become the new norm.

Administration Invites Users To Try Again

Email invitations are going out to people who were unable to complete registration in the first weeks of the Affordable Care Act's enrollment period.