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Little Progress As Both Sides Call For Movement

There are five days left until the government hits the deadline on raising the debt limit, and the government is still in shutdown mode. Host Arun Rath talks to NPR's David Welna about maneuvers on Capitol Hill Saturday that produced little apparent progress.

How Washington Looks From A Global Financial Perspective

Zanny Minton Beddoes, the economics editor for The Economist, argues that the stalled budget negotiations and the government shutdown have already harmed U.S. standing in the world. She explains her position to host Arun Rath.

North Dakota's Delay In Reporting Oil Spill Raises Questions

A North Dakota agency waited more than a week to tell the public about a pipeline spill of more than 20,000 barrels of crude oil. A wheat farmer was the first to recognize the spill had happened.

Senate Democrats Visit Obama; Boehner Says Talks Are Over

President Obama hosted the Senate's leading Democrats at the White House for more than an hour Saturday afternoon, in a session that came the same day that Majority Leader Harry Reid met with Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Grand Canyon And Other National Parks Reopen, On States' Dime

From the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon, a dozen national parks are open again, at least temporarily, in a deal between several states and the Department of the Interior. Park employees began opening some facilities Friday; others reopen today or Monday.

Kerry And Karzai Meet To Discuss U.S. Presence In Afghanistan

The U.S. has said it wants to reach a deal by the end of October to keep some members of its military in Afghanistan. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Kabul meeting with President Hamid Karzai to work out an agreement, but two main points seem to be standing in their way.

Health Insurance Exchanges Suffer Ills Of Geography

The new online marketplaces are now in their second week, and almost across the board, it's been a rocky start. But just how rocky depends on the state and how many navigators have been hired to help people sign up.

Rebuilding A Small Town After Double Disaster

Cordova, Ala., got hit not by one but two tornadoes on the same day in 2011. The twisters destroyed much of the town, and in the past two years, people living there have struggled with how best to rebuild what was a dying town.

A Traditional Wedding Brings The Polish Highlands To Chicago

A quiet block on the city's northwest side appeared to be taken over by villagers from the mountains of southern Poland. As the festivities began, the bride's anxious father was desperate to make room for five wooden carriages, 12 horses and the band.

Judge: 'You're Still Deceased As Far As The Law Is Concerned'

Donald Eugene Miller Jr. of Ohio is legally dead. But here's the thing: He's actually alive. Miller disappeared in 1986 and was declared dead in 1994. When he went in front of a judge this week to get his status clarified, Miller learned that declarations of death can only be rescinded within three years.