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In Mississippi, Bankruptcy Follows Broken Legs

According to a recent study, more than half of the Mississippians who file for bankruptcy do so because they cannot pay their medical bills. Clarion Ledger reporter Jerry Mitchell tells host Michel Martin what's causing such devastating costs.

Is 'Hip-Hop' Mayor's Sentence About Politics Or Justice?

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in prison for corruption. But do the Barbershop guys think the sentence was too stiff? They weigh in on that and the week's other top stories.

California Trains Helpers To Meet Demand For Health Insurance

The California health exchange has focused on drumming up interest in coverage during the first month of operation. Certified enrollment counselors can barely keep up with the requests for assistance that are rolling in.

Tech Week That Was: Health Site Stumbling, Twitter's Roots

The back story on Twitter's founding is profiled as the social giant prepares for its public stock offering; the site to help consumers buy health insurance gets more scrutiny; and NPR goes to the quiet zone — all in this week's tech roundup.

Trickle-Down Stories: How The Shutdown Feels Across America

Most Americans say they aren't directly affected by the shutdown. But some pockets of society are being severely hit. Here are individual stories from across the country.

Top Stories: Nobel Peace Prize; Movement (Maybe) On Shutdown

Also: Syria's rebels accused of killing civilians; and Utah finds a way to reopen its national parks.

Friday Morning Political Mix

President Obama and House Republicans get their fiscal discussions rolling... A devastating new poll concentrates Republican minds... Senate Republicans work with their Democratic colleagues on a potential solution.

No Deal Yet, But Maybe An Opening

With the partial government shutdown in its 11th day, there's much speculation about a possible break in negotiations between the White House and Republicans. But despite the noise, very little seems firm.

Your Chance To Lash Out At Congress

Amid the federal shutdown, the website offers an outlet. You can call a randomly chosen member of Congress, though you must supply alcohol yourself.

Denver Mayor To Propose Outlawing Free Marijuana

Opponents of a proposed marijuana tax have been handing out free joints at rallies. An ethics group insists the pot must be disclosed as a campaign contribution. Now the mayor of Denver wants to act. He tells Colorado Public Radio he's proposing to outlaw handouts of free weed in city parks.