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Web Glitches Hinder Mississippians Signing Up For Insurance

Mississippi is one of 34 states that has let the federal government run its health insurance exchange. It has had the same glitches and long wait times as other states. Despite the trouble, people are slowly signing up.

Commissions From Managed-Futures Market Can Wipe Out Profits

Steve Inskeep talks to David Evans about his investigative piece appearing in the November issue of Bloomberg Markets Magazine. The story, "Fleeced by Fees," is about consumers losing profits on their financial investments due to fees and commissions.

'Captain Phillips' Review And Why Boston's Accent Isn't Easy

Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks, is based on a real-life case of a freighter overtaken by Somali pirates in 2009. You might know the story, but critic Kenneth Turan says this film will exceed your expectations. Plus, Morning Edition investigates what it takes to have a convincing Boston accent.

In History, House Speaker Has Never Been Removed At Mid Term

There's been a lot of loose talk about how House Speaker John Boehner could lose his job if he doesn't stay on the right side his Tea Party caucus. But House rules actually make it very difficult to get rid of a speaker in the middle of a congressional term.

Snowden's Leaks Lead To More Disclosure From Feds

Leaks by Edward Snowden prompted the intelligence community to declassify details about super secret phone and Internet surveillance. But with every detail government lawyers release comes the pressure and the legal obligation to release more.

Mood Changes: Parties Are Talking About Budget Deadlock

The partial government shutdown has entered its 11th day. The White House and Republican leaders met on Thursday. And for the first time, there's a sense of optimism that the parties might get the budget standoff settled.

California's Health Exchange Rollout Is Off To A Good Start

California opted to run its own health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act. That makes it one of only 16 states and Washington, D.C. to do so. Enrollment is going well, but some trained outreach workers are still waiting to be put to work.

The Shutdown News Isn't All Bad For A Few American Indian Tribes

The government shutdown has some American Indian tribes bracing for the worst. They've seen cuts to food distribution, child care and financial assistance. At the same time, a handful of northern Arizona tribes are seeing an unexpected spike in tourists who were turned away from nearby national parks.

A Metaphor Meltdown At The White House

Nuclear weapons, matches, gasoline — Thursday's White House briefing was an epic battle of metaphor, evasion and obfuscation.

Meet The 21 Republicans Who Back A 'Clean' Spending Bill

Many of those in the potentially pivotal group are from competitive congressional districts and differ from their GOP colleagues in important ways.