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For Youths, Fewer Homicides But Still Many Deaths

Homicide rates have dropped among youths, mirroring a decline in crime overall. But almost 5,000 young people were killed in 2010, and researchers say there's no clear evidence on what works best to prevent those deaths.

Why We Aren't Assuming Snowden Is On That Jet To Havana

Seeing that an Aeroflot flight from Moscow was taking a very direct route to Cuba set off speculation. But it turns out that weather is a more likely reason for the path the plane is taking than the chance that the "NSA leaker" is on board.

DNA Ends Years Of Doubt On Boston Strangler Victim, Police Say

Law enforcement officials say they have a "familial match" from DNA in forensic evidence. They say the new certainty stems from advances in DNA testing in the past 10 years.

Zimmerman Jury Can Consider Lesser Charge, Judge Says

As the trial for the man accused in the death of Trayvon Martin wraps up, the prosecution and defense argued over the instructions to the jury.

Housing Sec.: 'We Forgot How to Make Safe, Plain Vanilla Loans'

You may have noticed that houses are selling a little faster and prices are going up. But not everyone is feeling the benefits. Host Michel Martin speaks with U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Shaun Donovan, about what happened, and what's next in the housing sector.

Is Owning A Home Still A Good American Dream?

Tell Me More continues the conversation with U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan. Host Michel Martin asks if Americans should still value home ownership.

Does It Help To Call People Out On Their Hate?

Brittney Cooper was on an airplane when, out of the corner of her eye, she caught alarming words on her seatmate's phone. The fellow passenger was texting a message about Cooper's race and weight. Host Michel Martin talks to Cooper about what she did next, and what she was hoping to accomplish.

Study: Whites Think Black People Feel Less Pain

Racial disparities exist, but what causes them can be complicated. Harvard anthropology student Jason Silverstein says it has to do with a lack of empathy. Host Michel Michel Martin talks with Silverstein about a Slate article he wrote titled, 'I Don't Feel Your Pain.'

Def Con Hacking Conference Puts Feds In 'Time-Out'

One of the world's largest and most open gatherings of hackers is asking federal workers to skip this year's event. "Our community operates in the spirit of openness, verified trust, and mutual respect," the founder of the Def Con conference says.

Hipsters Off The Hook: The Truth Behind Abandoned Backyard Chickens

Unwanted chicks are filling up some city shelters around the country, and some activists are blaming fair-weather hipster farmers. But a closer look reveals another root cause: When urban farmers order hens, they often end up instead with roosters — illegal in many cities.