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Obamacare Fallout Hits Senate Democrats, But Not Equally

The bungled rollout of the federal health care website appears to already be taking a toll on Democratic senators up for re-election in 2014, but some have managed to stay ahead of the bad news.

Secret Service Shaken By New Report Of Misconduct

After one senior supervisor allegedly left a bullet behind in a woman's hotel room, an investigation led to alleged sexually suggestive emails he and another agent sent to a female agent.

Thursday Political Mix: Obamacare's Data Dump Fallout

The Affordable Care Act's low enrollment data and continued website problems stoked worries for the program... Being an Obama cabinet secretary requires a thick skin... Losing credibility doesn't have to mean losing presidential effectiveness.

Fake Cop Devours Real Donuts In Florida Shop

Dunkin Donuts offers a discount for police. But one officer returned multiple times and even brought his family in for some treats. The manager suspected he was no cop and the real police caught up to him.

How Best To Manage Workplace Bullying

Some form of hazing or bullying seems part of sports and military culture but what about in office environments? Linda Wertheimer talks to Gary Namie, director of the Workplace Bullying Institute, about what subtle forms of bullying can take place in the workplace.

Rep. Waxman Weighs In On Affordable Care Act Problems

Steve Inskeep talks to Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman of California about the lower-than-expected number of Americans who successfully signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. A growing group of Democrats are backing a Republican plan to delay the penalties or allow Americans to keep their current plans.

Senate Panel To Hear From Fed Chief Nominee Janet Yellen

The first woman to be nominated to head the Federal Reserve takes the witness chair on Capitol Hill Thursday morning for her confirmation hearing. Janet Yellen's challenge will be to reassure her Democratic supporters that she's focused on job creation, while convincing at least a few Republicans that she'll keep inflation in check.

Contractors Lobby For Alternatives To Military Cuts

Congress has a little less than two months to head off $20 billion of cuts to the Pentagon budget. It's the second wave of mandated sequestration that kicked in this year. Military contractors say more cuts would be catastrophic.

Senate Considers Ways To Address Military Sexual Assaults

Members of Congress are unlikely to adopt one measure that many victims say is essential: taking away from commanders the ability to decide whether to pursue assault cases. Members of Congress say that step would undermine order and discipline in the ranks, and the Pentagon agrees.

How The Sharing Economy Is Changing The Places We Work

The sharing economy is already changing several sectors: housing, transportation, retail. In some cities, it's changing the way we work. As more people start their own enterprises, they're shunning traditional offices and choosing to share space instead.