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Hitches On Health Exchanges Hinder Launch Of Insurance Co-op

Maryland-based Evergreen Health Co-op is one of nearly two dozen nonprofit insurers created by the health act. They will be owned by the policyholders and are supposed to add competition and lower prices for coverage. But they can't do either without customers.


N.J. Goes To Polls To Fill Vacant U.S. Senate Seat

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, a Democrat, is favored to win against his Republican rival, Steve Lonegan.

When Will The Government Run Out Of Money?

Unless Congress raises the debt ceiling soon, the government won't be able to pay its bills. Here's a graph showing some of the big payments coming due.

Wednesday Morning Political Mix

Collapse of Republican House efforts to avoid the nation's default has moved action to the Senate, where leaders say they're close to a deal.

As It Happened: The Fight Over The Debt Ceiling, Shutdown

With hours left before the country tops its borrowing authority, the Senate-crafted, bipartisan measure passed the lower chamber.


Arrest Made In Dry Ice Bomb Case At LA Airport

A 28-year-old baggage handler, Dircarlo Bennett, is taken into custody after two explosions occurred at the airport in recent days. No one was hurt, and there was no significant damage to the terminal.

Boston Police Officer Adds His Name To American Lexicon

Maybe you've seen Steve Horgan, the cop on duty as the Red Sox played the Tigers in the league championship series. Boston's David Ortiz hit a home run. Video caught Officer Horgan, arms in the air, celebrating even as Detroit's Torii Hunter flipped over the wall in a vain effort to catch the ball and tumbled near the officer's feet. In Boston, that triumphant pose is now called Horganing.

Snorkeler Shocked To See 18-Foot Oarfish

A snorkeler off the coast of California found more than she bargained for on the ocean floor Sunday, when she saw the large eyes of an 18-foot fish staring back at her. It turned out to be a dead oarfish, a mysterious creature known to live in waters thousands of feet deep.

Justices To Hear Cases On Self-Incrimination, Freezing Assets

One case centers on the use of a court-ordered psychiatric exam against a defendant in a murder case. The other tests under what circumstances prosecutors can seize defendants' assets before trial.

Debt Ceiling Deal Depends On U.S. Senate

The Senate has been working on a bipartisan deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. But House conservatives have signaled they might not go along with a Senate deal. Steve Inskeep talks to Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia about how he thinks the impasse can be resolved.