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Shutdown Diary: Hope Turns Into Wall Street Warning

Day 15 of the government shutdown had a promising beginning, marked by a bipartisan proposal from Senate leaders to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. But those hopes were quickly dashed.

The IRS Can't Take Your Questions. It Will Take Your Return

Tuesday is the deadline for taxpayers who requested an extension on their 2012 tax returns. With most of its staff currently furloughed, the Internal Revenue Service is not answering calls, issuing refunds or collecting audits. Even so, don't expect a filing reprieve; the midnight deadline is still in effect.

Why A Medical Device Tax Became Part Of The Fiscal Fight

A sales tax on medical devices was passed to help pay for the Affordable Care Act. Manufacturers have been waging a persistent campaign to get rid of it. Now it's one of the bargaining chips being tossed around in the budget crisis on Capitol Hill.

Redefining Rock Bottom: Another Scary Poll For Congress

Voters always say they want to "throw the bums out," except when it comes to their own representative. But now, against the backdrop of federal government shutdown, a potential default and general Washington dysfunction, there are signs the public is ready to buck that axiom.

Feel Old Yet? Roddick And Blake Will Play On Senior Circuit

Recently retired tennis players Andy Roddick, 31, and James Blake, 33, will be joining a circuit of senior players next year, playing alongside legends such as John McEnroe and Andre Agassi.

Fitch Places U.S. Under Review For A Credit Downgrade

The main reason? The debacle in Washington. The credit ratings agency — one of the big three — said "faith" in the credit of the country is in danger.

Afghanistan Vet Who Criticized Superiors Awarded Medal Of Honor

President Obama presented the Medal of Honor Tuesday to Army Capt. William Swenson. Swenson is being cited for his actions during a 2009 battle in Afghanistan, when he risked his life to try to save others. It's taken years for him to be recognized, however. He criticized higher-ups after the battle, which cost the lives of five Americans. Swenson's nomination for the Medal was said to be lost at one point. He is the sixth living recipient of the Medal of Honor, the highest honor a member of the military can receive.

Even Before The Shutdown, Food Supply Regulated Itself

There have been a lot of headlines during the government shutdown suggesting that that our food supplies may be at risk as agencies like the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control have furloughed workers. But food suppliers and processors increasingly rely on a large network of private companies to make sure food is safe.

Suspected Embassy Bombing Planner Pleads Not Guilty In Federal Court

The man accused of being an al-Qaeda operative and a key planner of the 1998 Africa embassy bombings pleaded not guilty Tuesday in federal court. Abu Anas al-Libi was captured about ten days ago by U.S. Special Operating Forces in Tripoli and was held in military custody aboard a Navy ship. Over the weekend he arrived in New York, the jurisdiction where he'd been indicted in the Embassy bombings case. Al-Libi's case raises again the question of what to do with terrorists who are captured: whether to have them stand trial in federal court or hold them at the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In Deep Blue New Jersey, A Tea Party Show Of Strength

New Jersey will choose a new U.S. Senator Wednesday. Pundits thought Newark Mayor Cory Booker would win it easily, but the Democratic Party's rising star is facing a tougher than expected challenge from Tea Party Republican Steve Lonegan — a sign of the Tea Party's growing stature in deep blue New Jersey.