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Why Eye Contact Can Fail To Win People Over

People are told that if you want to get a point across, look your audience straight in the eyes. But that works only if the person already agrees with you, a study finds. When people don't share the speaker's opinion, looking them in the eye may actually make them less likely to change their minds.

Dying 'Angola Three' Inmate Freed After Decades In Solitary

Herman Wallace, who spent more than four decades in solitary confinement after his conviction on murder charges related to a 1972 prison riot, is now suffering from liver cancer. A U.S. district judge in Louisiana ruled that Wallace had not received a fair trial.

One Biker Released; Investigation Of NYC Attack Continues

The violent attack on an SUV driver who had been chased by dozens of motorcycle riders was caught on video. Police say the incident may have begun when the riders tried to block vehicles from getting on a parkway. When a driver tried to get away, his vehicle struck a rider.

Old 'Stand Your Ground' Case Gets New Trial

A new trial could start soon for a Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for aggravated assault. She says she was merely standing her ground, and firing a warning shot at her abusive husband. Host Michel Martin speaks with Florida Times-Union reporter Larry Hannan about the case, and the issues it's bringing up.

How Important Is Health Care Act To Latinas?

Ethnic Haitians living in the Dominican Republic are lashing out at the government's decision to strip them of Dominican citizenship. They say it's just another example of the ugly racial tension on the island shared by the two nations. Host Michel Martin speaks with Maria Cardona, Alicia Anabel Santos and Laura Martinez about this week's hot topics in the beauty shop.

Health Care Act Reminds Young Adults They're Not Invincible

Millennials are often dubbed "young invincibles" for their propensity to stay healthy, and forgo health insurance. Host Michel Martin speaks with Kaiser Health News correspondent Jenny Gold about how the Affordable Care Act will impact "invincibles," and how they might be the key to the program's success.

'Hoax Bomb' Charge Filed Against Man In Florida Airport Scare

Police say the man, a Jacksonville resident originally from Serbia, told investigators that a device in his luggage was "supposed to be a bomb, but it's not." The airport was closed for five hours on Tuesday. Travelers were still dealing with delays there Wednesday morning.

Job Growth Was Modest In September, Survey Signals

The data in the ADP National Employment Report are likely to be the only clues this week about how strong the labor market was last month. The partial government shutdown means the Labor Department is unlikely to release its figures.

Police Mistakenly Sent Text About Upcoming Drug Deal

This happens again and again, a person planning a drug deal mistakenly sends a text message to police, The latest incident happened in New Jersey. A man sent a text message to the wrong guy and an undercover cop showed up.

Grandma's Gone, But She Lives On In Google

Dustin Moore of Portland, Oregon, was browsing around town on Google Street View when he spotted a familiar face. The image taken of his late grandma Alice's house captured her sitting on her front stoop, soaking up some sun and reading the paper. Moore says it's one of the last photos taken of her — she died last year.