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FAA To Examine Near Collision Of Passenger Jets Over NYC

The Delta 747 and Shuttle America commuter jet came within 200 feet of each other, but both planes landed safely, the Federal Aviation Administration says.

Teen Who Served Time For Bomb Plot Wants Your Vote For Mayor

If 18-year-old Joshua Kyler Hoggan wants to be Roy's next mayor, he probably has some explaining to do. Two years ago, he was charged with plotting to set off a bomb during a school assembly.

Judge Shaves 10 Years From Ex-Enron CEO's Prison Sentence

Jeffrey Skilling, convicted in 2006 on conspiracy, fraud and insider trading charges related to the collapse of the Houston-based energy company, could go free in 2017.

Ghost Island Looms Large Among Displaced Inupiat Eskimos

About 50 years ago, the native Alaskans were forced to leave their ancestral home on King Island, in the Bering Sea. Now, an Anchorage poet has crowdsourced enough money to bring a group of former King Islanders and their descendants back for a visit.

Paula Deen's Contract Is Toast After Quick-Fire Criticism

The Food Network will not renew the celebrity chef's contract at the end of the month, following backlash from a deposition for a discrimination lawsuit in which Deen admitted to using the N-word.

Thousands Greet Summer With Sun Salutations In Times Square

The summer solstice was greeted with thousands of sun salutations in New York's Times Square on Friday. The square was the scene of mass yoga classes in honor of the first day of summer.

Seeking Mental Health Help Can Be Hard In Military Culture

We conclude our series on suicide in the military. One of the biggest obstacles to getting help for suicidal troops may be the macho military culture that stigmatizes any admission of weakness. At Ft. Bliss, in Texas, leaders are trying to change that culture.

NSA Leak Could Be Bad Business For U.S. Tech Companies

Revelations that Google, Microsoft and other tech companies have been providing user data to the National Security Agency may have tainted those companies' reputations for independence. Those companies share information with the government, often voluntarily. In the process, many have earned the status of "trusted partners."

At Coney Island, The (Mermaid) Show Must Go On

Brooklyn's annual Mermaid Parade draws thousands of wacky, colorfully costumed revelers. The 2013 event was almost canceled after the parade's nonprofit sustained severe damage during Superstorm Sandy. But after a successful fundraising campaign, Coney Island's signature event has its sea legs back.

Shortening Lines At Polling Stations A Challenging Task

The president's commission to address long lines at the polls and other voting problems will held its first meeting in Washington, D.C., on Friday. It will have six months to come up with recommendations on how to fix the problems.