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Manning Trial Heads Into Closing Arguments

Closing arguments in the Bradley Manning trial are set for Thursday. David Greene talks to Associated Press reporter David Dishneau for the latest on the case.

Being In The Minority Can Cost You And Your Company

Social scientists recently made an interesting discovery: The wage gap between blacks and whites (working identical jobs) varies greatly by location.

'Beep Baseball' A Homerun With Blind Players

Starting this weekend, 20 baseball teams meet in Georgia for a World Series with a twist: most of the athletes on the field are visually impaired. The sport is called Beep Baseball, named for the sound the ball makes so players know where it is.

NCAA Should 'Bolster And Reinforce' African-American Players

Commentator Frank Deford says our educational system should care more about encouraging good black students instead of using good black athletes.

As Obama Renews Economic Call, Partisan Stalemate Seems Certain

As President Obama prepared to give his first in a series of economic speeches, starting at Illinois' Knox College on Wednesday, most signs pointed to a cranking up of the brinkmanship that has led to so much economic uncertainty.

More Latinos Read All About It In English

A growing share of Latino adults — now at 82 percent — are turning to English-language news sources, while fewer consume news in Spanish, a new survey says. Researchers say demographic shifts among Latinos explain the trends.

Taco Bell Says Adios To Kids' Meals And Toys

Kids' meals have never been a huge moneymaker for Taco Bell, so the move is probably a lot less financially painful for the company than it would be for, say, McDonald's. Nutrition advocates have long criticized the plastic playthings included in fast food kids' meals.

Obama Turns To Comedians To Promote Health Coverage

After being spurned by the NFL, the Obama administration is wooing Jennifer Hudson, Amy Poehler and other big names in entertainment for help in getting younger people to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. It's a strategy used in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

NASA Uses Photo Of Earth From Saturn To Boost Space Interest

On July 19, a spacecraft nearly 900 million miles from Earth took a color picture of our planet. NASA's Cassini spacecraft snapped the picture from orbit around Saturn. Now scientists have finished processing the picture. It shows a small blue dot next to the giant ringer planet.

Backlog Of Benefit Claims A Big Problem For VA

Eric Shinseki is the longest serving Secretary of Secretary of Veterans' Affairs (VA), at a time when the VA is dealing with a new young generation of veterans as well as a huge aging veteran population. Last summer he spoke at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention and made some promises. On Tuesday, he addressed the VFW again, after a year that included prominent calls for his resignation.