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New Photos Show 'Real Face' Of Tsarnaev, Police Sgt. Says

The photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that Rolling Stone put on its cover angered Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Sean Murphy and many others. He's given Boston Magazine photos he took the night Tsarnaev was captured. "This guy is evil," Murphy says. "This is the real Boston bomber."

GOP Won't Defend Ban On Veterans Benefits For Same-Sex Couples

Following the Supreme Court decision that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, House Republicans have decided not to be part of a court challenge to a law that bars same-sex couples from getting veterans benefits.

For A Long And Healthy Life, It Matters Where You Live

Healthy life expectancy is lowest for people in the South, a study finds. People living in the West, Northeast and Great Plains tend to be doing better. But staying healthy is about more than just geography. Healthy habits and access to good health care count, too.

How The Justice Department Picks Its Civil Rights Cases

The NAACP is leading a campaign to persuade Attorney General Eric Holder to pursue federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman for the February fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Melissa Block speaks with William Yeomans, a former attorney with the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, about what is involved in bringing these kinds of cases.

Lawmakers Work To Finish Deal On Student Loan Rates

A bipartisan group of senators announced a deal Thursday to protect college students from an interest rate hike on federal student loans. Those rates doubled on July 1, and lawmakers raced to forge an agreement before most students begin taking out loans for the new school year.

Carbon Tax Gaining Popularity, But Not With Lawmakers

The idea of taxing carbon emissions to curb climate change has been gaining surprisingly diverse and bipartisan support over the past year. Everywhere, that is, except Congress.

Where Are All Of Wyomings Escalators?

We hear from Jeremy Fugleberg, assistant managing editor and self-appointed escalator editor of the Casper, Wyoming Star-Tribune, as he rides half of all the escalators in the state. The other pair (up and down) are across town. The paucity of moving staircases in the state has come up in some publications as part of the discussion of the state having two Senators.

EPA, Labor Nominees Confirmed

After striking a bipartisan deal to move nominations forward, the Senate has now filled four top posts.

Man Who Hoped To Testify Against Whitey Bulger Is Found Dead

Stephen Rakes said the gangster forced him — at gunpoint — to sell a liquor store. The cause of Rakes' death isn't yet known. Authorities say there were "no obvious signs of trauma." Rakes, who said he could speak for those who fear Bulger, was told this week he would not be called to the stand.

The United States Of Dynasty: Boom Times For Political Families

Pick any place on the map and you're likely to find dynasty politics in full bloom. And just wait until the 2016 presidential election, where many of the top prospects are from America's most prominent political families.