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Small-Business Access To Online Health Exchanges Delayed Again

No online registration for you, the Obama administration told small-business owners interested in using the Affordable Care Act exchanges to buy employee health insurance. Online access was pushed back to November 2014. Employers can still enroll through an insurer or broker.

Booming Demand For Donated Breast Milk Raises Safety Issues

The push to get women to breast-feed has been so successful that many mothers who can't do it are looking for other mothers' extra milk. Milk banks that pasteurize and sell donated breast milk have sprung up. Informal online swapping of extra mother's milk has become popular, despite quality concerns.

In Rural Iowa, Distance Makes Health Care Sign-Ups A Challenge

Right now, there are about a dozen full-time navigators and a few part-timers to help 200,000 Iowans make decisions about health insurance. In the countryside, it's particularly hard to get help to people who want it.

Did Your Thanksgiving Turkey Take Any Antibiotics?

As Americans prepare to baste and roast plump, juicy holiday birds, we couldn't help but wonder which antibiotics the average Thanksgiving turkey might have been given. The government doesn't collect data on antibiotic use in turkeys. And producers don't volunteer any.

'Turkey Day' Stuffing: Unlikely Pitches Fill Our Inboxes

We all get emails touting recipes and Black Friday deals. But at NPR, we also receive a glut of holiday-themed pitches, from how to avoid heartburn to talking politics without causing family crises.

Poultry Pardon: President Rewards America's Top Turkey

"The office of the presidency — the most powerful position in the world — brings with it many awesome and solemn responsibilities," President Obama said. "This is not one of them." He gave an official pardon to save Popcorn the turkey from a Thanksgiving dinner table.

Small Businesses Get One-Year Delay In Health Insurance Process

The Obama administration says it is delaying until November 2014 a requirement that small businesses shop for health insurance via the troubled federal site, which has been blamed for many problems since its launch last month.

Conservative Groups Would Take Hit From New IRS Rules

New rules aimed at clarifying what constitutes political activity for dark-money, non-profit groups are likely to give more heartburn to the right than the left. The majority of big-spending social-welfare organizations known as 501(c)(4) groups in 2012 were conservative.

Tell Us About Your Family's Endangered Dishes

A lot of families are trying, sometimes in vain, to maintain or revive their holiday food traditions. We want to hear your story.

Black Tech Game Changers

Tell Me More hosts a special twitter series with African-American entrepreneurs and tech innovators to find out what a day in their life is like. Listeners tweet their questions using @TellMeMoreNPR or #NPRBlacksinTech and the participants will answer them over the course of three weeks.