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Plan Aims To Assure Afghanistan Aid Goes Where It's Supposed To

This coming week, the U.S. Agency for International Development plans to announce a new monitoring program that is designed to keep track of the aid dollars being spent in Afghanistan. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Larry Sampler, head of USAID programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Aid Workers Continue Efforts To Reach Besieged Syrian City

Humanitarian workers continue to try to evacuate civilians from the besieged Syrian city of Homs as negotiators in Geneva prepare for the next round of peace talks. NPR's Rachel Martin gets the latest from reporter Alice Fordham in Geneva.

U.S. Sweeps Slopestyle Snowboarding With Women's Gold

In a near flawless run, Jamie Anderson took the medal a day after teammate Sage Kotsenburg clinched the men's gold.

Tennessee Weighs The Cost Of A Free College Education

Tennessee's governor has proposed to pay community college tuition for anyone who needs it. The plan is intended to help boost higher education completion rates for the state, which ranks near the bottom nationwide.

Justice Department Extends New Privileges To Gay Marriages

Attorney General Eric Holder has directed the Justice Department to give same-sex married couples "full and equal recognition." This means they will now have spousal privileges in federal courts. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with justice correspondent Carrie Johnson about the policy shift and what it means for same-sex couples.

Iran: Warships Will Steam Close To U.S. Waters As 'A Message'

An admiral in charge of Iran's 'Northern Navy' said 'fleets' are already making way for Atlantic waters, but he did not say the number or type of vessels.

Holder Orders Equal Treatment For Married Same-Sex Couples

The attorney general has ordered "full and equal protection" for such couples, a move that has far-reaching repercussions for how they're treated in federal proceedings.

Sochi An Olympic Spectacle Even Without The Games

What a week in Sochi, Russia! NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Olympics correspondent Tamara Keith about the ill-fated opening ceremony, stray dogs and bad hotel rooms, as well as who won the first gold medal.

A Furry Feline Welcome From A Cat Cafe

Plans are underway to open KitTea, a gourmet tea house in San Francisco, where patrons mingle with "resident" cats. The felines will come from rescue shelters and be up for adoption. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Courtney Hatt, the co-founder of KitTea, about starting a cat cafe.

Montana Ranchers Learn Ways To Live With Wolves

Gray wolves are a controversial and polarizing animal in much of the American West. Wolves have slowly come back from extinction, forcing people to learn how to coexist with the cunning predator. One farmer is teaching his cattle to huddle together as bison do when threatened — there is safety in numbers.