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From Pets To Plates: Why More People Are Eating Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are popular pets in the U.S., but in parts of South America, they're a delicacy. Some environmental and humanitarian groups are making a real push to encourage guinea pig farming as an eco-friendly alternative to beef. And the animals are also showing up in more U.S. restaurants.


U.N. Approves Treaty To Regulate Multibillion-Dollar Global Arms Trade

The goal of the Arms Trade Treaty, which the U.N. has sought for more than a decade, is to keep illicit weapons out of the hands of terrorists, insurgent fighters and organized crime.

NRA Task Force Recommends Training School Personnel Who Want To Be Armed

Echoing some of the things suggested by NRA leaders in the wake of the Newtown school shooting, a task force created by the association has come back with its report.

Should Toddlers Own Tablets?

There's a trove of apps and games for tablets that are meant to help occupy and educate small children. But how early is too early for kids to get tech-savvy? Host Michel Martin sits down with parents to find out how they integrate tablets into their kids' lives.

For Women, No Straight Road To Success

Thousands of professional working women are coming together today for a leadership conference at Simmons College in Boston. Host Michel Martin speaks with the college's president, Helen Drinan, about the ups and downs of her own career, and her thoughts on Sheryl Sandberg's new book Lean In.

Atlanta Educators Accused In Cheating Scandal Start Turning Themselves In

Investigators say there was a widespread effort to change test scores in order to make the school system look better. The 35 educators who have been indicted include the former superintendent, who has denied any wrongdoing.