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Fighting Gender Bias: 'Women Need To Be Savvier Than Men'

Host Michel Martin talks to Rachel Dempsey and Joan Williams, co-authors of What Works For Women At Work about why gender bias is still a major problem, and how to fight it in the workplace.

Coping With The Cold Is About Survival For The Homeless

Extreme cold has hit many parts of the country this winter, bringing life-threatening challenges for the homeless. Host Michel Martin hears how they've been coping. She speaks with Jerry Jones of the National Coalition for the Homeless, and Liz Kuoppala of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless.

How Not To Get Swept Off Your Feet By A Sweetheart Scam

Some Americans are discovering the high cost of love. That's because some online flings are pumping them for money — sometimes tens of thousand of dollars. It's what experts call a "sweetheart scam." Host Michel Martin finds out more from consumer columnist Sheryl Harris.

Despite Federal Rules, Some States Deny Family Policies For Same-Sex Couples

Despite a Justice Department decision giving same-sex married couples equal recognition in federal courthouses, prisons and other programs, inconsistency in the treatment of same-sex married couples under the health law remains. States still make their own decisions.

Immigration Turbulence Buffets Boehner

John Boehner and his GOP leadership team embraced a set of principles for updating the nation's immigration laws. Then the winds shifted and the House Speaker expressed grave doubts about the feasibility of overhaul.

Holder Calls For Restoring Felons' Voting Rights

In a speech Tuesday, the attorney general said laws barring convicted felons from voting are counterproductive and perpetuate "the stigma and isolation imposed on formerly incarcerated individuals."

N.Y. Immigrants Find They Can Earn Bread And Butter From Baking

In the heart of Spanish Harlem, women from Morocco to Mexico are finding a path to entrepreneurship at the incubator Hot Bread Kitchen. The non-profit has been hailed by President Clinton as scalable model for a training programs worldwide.

The Internet Flexes Political Muscle With Anti-NSA Protest

It won't be as powerful as the strike against SOPA and PIPA in 2012, when Wikipedia blocked its site, Google blacked out its logo and millions of people joined in. But "The Day We Fight Back" on Tuesday is intended to show lawmakers that there's ongoing public pressure to reform mass surveillance laws.

Female Ski Jumpers Finally Make Their Olympic Debut

Jumpers Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome spent a decade advocating for the event's inclusion. "There's nothing to wait for anymore," says Van. "I'm here, and it feels good." Their teammate Sarah Hendrickson, meanwhile, has another battle to fight, as she competes on a newly reconstructed knee.

'Mind-Boggling,' Historic Ice Storm Headed For Deep South

The National Weather Service is using strong language to warn people in Atlanta and places nearby that dangerous weather is on the way. Through North Carolina and up into Virginia, significant snowfall is expected.