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Schools Cancelled As Heat Wave Sweeps Through Midwest

It's hot in parts of the Midwest this week and student and teachers just back to school are suffering.

March On Washington Had Lasting Impact On 3 Detroiters

Fifty years ago on Wednesday, 250,000 people crowded onto the National Mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial. They came from all across the country for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Three of those people from the Detroit area share the lasting impact the event had on their subsequent lives.

Labor Movement Was Critical Ally To Civil Rights Movement

Robert Siegel talks to Thomas Sugrue, professor of history and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, about the history of labor unions and the civil rights movement and how that relationship compares to today.

Miami's Decrepit Sewage System In Desperate Need Of Repair

Miami, like many cities around the country, is facing a crisis over sewage. Because of the high cost, Miami-Dade County has put off long-needed upgrades to its wastewater system. Now in one neighborhood, businesses can't expand and developers can't build because of a lack of sewage treatment capacity. The federal government has stepped in and is forcing Miami-Dade to spend more than $4 billion to upgrade its sewer system. But even that may not be enough. Environmental groups say the county needs to spend more on a robust system that takes into account sea-level rise expected because of global warming.

Elite Native American Firefighters Join Crews At Yosemite

The Geronimo Hotshots are one of seven elite Native American firefighting teams in the U.S. The pay is good, and firefighting jobs are one of only a few ways for many young men on the reservation to earn a living. And it turns out that much of the community there is dependent on the fire season.

For Some Kids, Summer Camp Includes Seeing Dad In Prison

The idea of taking a child to prison for a week may bring to mind visions of "Scared Straight" programs. But the Father to Child Summer Camp Behind Bars does just that — and the goal is to let kids bond with their fathers, who might be incarcerated far from their families.

Impeach Obama! (And FDR, Eisenhower, Carter, Reagan, Etc.)

President Obama is as likely to be impeached as he is to be a lottery pick in next year's NBA draft. That doesn't mean calls for his impeachment will end anytime soon.

Patients Love A Gentler Approach To Surgery, But Surgeons Balk

There's no evidence of benefit for many of the procedures surgeons subject patients to. A few hospitals are getting rid of time-honored practices, like fasting before an operation, because studies have found that patients come out stronger and happier without them. But traditions are hard to change.

U.S. 'Ought To Respect' State Marijuana Laws, Sen. Leahy Says

Sen. Patrick Leahy is asking the Justice Department to clarify its policy on state marijuana laws that clash with stricter federal rules. Leahy's been seeking answers ever since Washington and Colorado voters approved marijuana for recreational use last year.

Facebook: U.S. Wanted Data On 20,000 Of Its Users This Year

Governments in 74 countries wanted information on 38,000 Facebook users in the first half of this year, according to a report released by the social media giant.