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NBC's Tom Brokaw Announces He Has Cancer, Says He's 'Optimistic'

Tom Brokaw, the NBC News correspondent who for years was one of America's favorite news anchors, has been diagnosed with Tmultiple myeloma, a cancer that affects blood cells in bone marrow, the network says.

European Union Moves To Approve U.S. Genetically Modified Corn

Despite efforts by two-thirds of its 28 member states to block the move, the European Union took a large step toward approving a new genetically modified corn Tuesday. Opponents say the corn, a DuPont Pioneer product called TC1507, has harmful qualities.

FBI Offers Cash Reward To Catch People Who Point Lasers At Planes

This campaign will last for 60 days at FBI field offices, and comes with a reward of up to $10,000 if your help leads to an arrest. The number of these incidents has gone up more than ten times since 2006.

Going To College May Cost You, But So Will Skipping It

The gap in earnings between young people who have a college degree and those who don't has continued to widen over the past several decades. And while total student loan debt in the U.S. continues to rise, millennials say a college degree is still worth it.

Straw Buyers Exchange Vermont Guns For East Coast Drugs

Last month, Vermont's governor said addiction has reached epidemic levels in his state. Officials say that high demand, combined with the state's loose gun laws, create a lucrative market for out-of-state dealers.

Law Enforcement Straddles Atlantic To Round Up Alleged Mobsters

The FBI and Italian police made two dozen arrests on Tuesday in connection with an alleged drug trafficking ring. The ring involved mobsters in Brooklyn and members of the 'Ndrangheta, a powerful crime syndicate based in Calabria, Italy.

A 'First Of Its Kind Conference' About Sexual Assault On Campus

Nearly three years after the federal government issued guidelines for dealing with sexual misconduct on campus, administrators are meeting at the University of Virginia to discuss problems and progress. As Sandy Hausman of member station WVTF reports, leaders in higher education say they're struggling to understand and manage sexual assaults in the age of "hooking up."

Nonprofits Pull In Investors To Tackle Housing Affordability

One of the biggest problems facing low-income families is a lack of affordable housing. A coalition of nonprofits hopes to attack the problem using a well-known tool in the private sector — a real estate investment trust that allows investors to pool their funds to buy property.

Pay Cuts, End Of Tenure Put North Carolina Teachers On Edge

No state has seen as steep a drop in teacher salaries over the past few years. Legislators also halted a salary bump for teachers with master's degrees and cut a cap on class size. "Teachers are really questioning why they want to teach," says the head of a state advocacy group.

This Time, Officials Claim They're Ready For Southern Storms

Another winter storm is hitting the Deep South on Tuesday. Snow is falling in six Southern states. Two weeks ago, a storm paralyzed metro Atlanta. Some motorists were trapped on snowy and icy interstates for 18 hours. But this time around, officials are saying they will be better prepared.