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The Man Behind The Shadowy Illicit Drug Market, Silk Road

Federal agents arrested Ross Ulbricht, 29, known as "Dread Pirate Roberts," and took $3.6 million in Bitcoin. They're calling it the largest seizure of the popular digital currency in history.

Designer Marc Jacobs Says 'Au Revoir' To Louis Vuitton

After 16 years Jacobs has decided to turn his full attention to his own company. Vuitton management says, "C'est la vie!"

Shutdown Diary: Day 2

The second day of the government shutdown found President Obama in talks with congressional leaders at the White House. Elsewhere, conservative activists were busy targeting House Republicans who appeared ready to break ranks.

Some Are Benefiting From The Government Shutdown

Furloughed workers? Deserted national parks? OK, that's a problem. But here's a little silver lining to the crisis: Displaced tourists are turning to other attractions, restaurants are turning hungry government workers into customers, and ironic T-shirts about the crisis are flying off the racks.

Howard's President Steps Down Amid Tumult And Uncertainty

The Washington, D.C., university, which is arguably the country's most prominent historically black institution of higher education, has been buffeted by a tough economy and dissent among its leadership.

Legal Advocates Want Overhaul Of Public Defender System

Former Vice President Walter Mondale and a former Alabama Supreme Court justice are among those pressing for a bipartisan commission to improve legal services to the poor.

GOP Establishment Grapples With A Tea Party That Won't Budge

Beyond voicing frustration, the traditional Republican power players on Capitol Hill and in the business community haven't been able to do much so far to end the current congressional standoff.

Calif. Bans Jilted Lovers From Posting 'Revenge Porn' Online

After a breakup, some have taken to posting intimate pictures of their ex on the Internet. California's new law punishes those who do, but some critics say the law isn't specific enough and could inhibit free speech.

Hundreds Of Safety Net Hospitals Face Uncertain Future

Across the country, hospitals that serve the neediest patients are struggling — nowhere more so than in New York, where a handful of hospitals are on the brink of closing. It's not clear if the Affordable Care Act will help these hospitals and hundreds of others like them across the country get out of the red.

Obama's Shift In Rhetoric Helping Democrats Stick Together

Instead of castigating all of Congress over the latest fiscal stalemate, President Obama is focusing his ire on Tea Party Republicans. That's energized Democrats, who are more unified than they've been in a long time. Still, that doesn't mean that they're making any headway in ending the shutdown.