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Despite A Heads Up, Storm Paralyzes North Carolina

The winter storm that's moving across the Southeast has forced schools and businesses to close. Ice brought down power lines — forcing hundreds of thousands of people to lose power in Alabama, Georgia and in North and South Carolina. In Raleigh, N.C., motorists got trapped on the roads as the storm moved in quicker than expected.

Nebraska Town Wins Water Taste Test

When it comes to pristine water, the tiny town of Curtis, Nebraska, is the best. It won the gold medal in this year's Great American Water Taste Test.

Fed Chief Yellen Testifies Without Market-Moving Mistake

The new head of the Federal Reserve made her debut this week in a marathon hearing before the House Financial Services Committee. Steve Inskeep talks to David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center at the Brookings Institution about Janet Yellin's first days as chair of the Fed, and what message she sent to Congress in six hours of testimony.

Regardless Of The Weather, Don't Put Your Tongue On A Pole

After thousands of showings of A Christmas Story, you know not to stick your tongue to a metal pole in winter. But it's happened again. In Easthampton, Mass., a middle school student's tongue really did freeze.

'Citizens United' Critics Fight Money With Money

Four years after the controversial Supreme Court ruling, the meaning of campaign finance reform depends on whom you ask. But those advocating for stronger laws are organizing a long campaign of their own to reduce the political influence of big money.

Reports: Comcast To Buy Time Warner

Media report Comcast will announce its acquisition Thursday morning. The merger would combine the country's two largest cable companies and likely draw scrutiny from regulators.

Winter Storm Paralyzes Roads In North Carolina, Despite Warnings

In scenes like those in Atlanta two weeks ago, some drivers are leaving their cars in the road, creating new challenges for other drivers and work and rescue crews.

Sid Caesar, Who Got Laughs Without Politics Or Putdowns, Dies At 91

The comedian was one of early network TV's biggest stars, and he didn't do smut or smarmy remarks. Caesar did skits: grown-up, gentle comedy for the whole family. He died Wednesday morning at his home in Beverly Hills.

Election Panel: Long Lines Were Management Problem

The election administration commission appointed by President Obama found no evidence that partisan plots were behind long Election Day lines, as some have suggested. Rather, some election officials simply misjudged how much equipment and personnel they needed at certain precincts.

Latest Evidence Against Mammograms Adds To Women's Uncertainty

A Canadian study finds no reduction in deaths over the long haul for women who got mammograms to detect breast cancer beginning in the 1980s. It's the latest study to raise questions about the value of regular mammograms. But radiologists faulted the study as flawed and rejected its conclusions.