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Washington State Growers Roll The Dice On New Pot Licenses

The deadline to apply to legally grow and sell pot is coming up in Washington, but growers are finding there are pros and cons to going legit. Applicants must invest big money to qualify for a license, and it's unclear what the new system will mean for existing medical growers.

'This Law Is Working,' Obama Says Of Health Care

To those in Congress who want to kill the Affordable Care Act, Obama said "we're not repealing it as long I'm president. ... We will make it work for all Americans."

Man Killed In Shark Attack Off Maui

A shark bit the dangling foot of a kayaker who was fishing between Maui and Molokini, a small island that is a popular diving and snorkeling spot.

Nonprofits Challenge Missouri Licensing Law For Insurance Guides

Missouri is one of more than a dozen states where Republican-led governments have passed laws or otherwise taken steps to restrict insurance navigators and other in-person counselors from attempting to help people sign up for health insurance on the new exchanges.

Your Waiter Is Having A Bad Day. Can You Tell?

Everyone who's ever had a job has had to show up for work on days they'd rather be anywhere else. Keeping it together can be especially challenging for servers, whose livelihood depends on providing diners with pleasant experience.

Detroit Is Eligible For Bankruptcy Protection, Judge Rules

The largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history took a step forward Tuesday when a judge said the city can go forward with its Chapter 9 bankruptcy case. Now a manager will work to cut pension costs and make deals with creditors. Detroit is $18.5 billion in debt.

American Held In North Korea Reportedly Oversaw Guerrilla Group In War

Some of Merrill Newman's former comrades say the group was "perhaps the most hated and feared fighters" of the Korean War. It's being put forward as a possible explanation for why the 85-year-old, who visited the country as a tourist in October, was detained.

Overweight And Healthy: A Combo That Looks Too Good To Be True

The proposition that some extra weight may not be a health worry has sparked a heated medical debate. Some studies have found that a little extra fat might have benefits. A new analysis suggests that for almost all people excess weight increases the risk of death and disease.

U.S. Students Slide In Global Ranking On Math, Reading, Science

American 15-year-olds scored below average in math among the world's most-developed countries, according to rankings released every three years. They were close to average in science and reading.

Independent Bookstores Offer 'Cider Monday'

They invited customers to step away from their computers and stop by for a free cup of apple cider. The celebration was first proposed by The Toadstool Bookshops in New Hampshire. They promised their "servers" wouldn't be overloaded.