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Making New Connections On A Trapped Subway Train

Laura Lane was heading to work when her train got stuck. Conductor Paquita Williams was soon walking through the cars, putting passengers at ease in the darkness. Laura was so impressed with how Paquita handled the two-hour ordeal, she wanted to learn more about her.

Philippines Disaster Rekindles Fight Over Food Aid Reform

The Philippine disaster is an example why it increasingly makes sense to buy food close to where its needed rather than ship it across the globe. Most U.S. food aid, though, travels to hotspots from U.S. ports. Critics say that wastes time and money.

With Robberies Up, Oakland Residents Turn To Private Cops

Nervous over a steep spike in armed robberies, several Oakland, Calif., neighborhoods have pooled funds to hire private security patrols. And while some residents feel safer, others worry that there is no one policing the private police force.

A Rancher And A Conservationist Forge An Unlikely Alliance

Scientists suspect that warming air and rivers, as well as smaller winter snowpack, is endangering western trout. But on a ranch in Montana, methods to protect trout from the effects of cattle ranching are helping the trout become more resilient to the inevitable change in their environment.

Snapchat's Big News Week And Questions About Its Worth

Snapchat's leaders balked at a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook. But as the three-year-old company grows up, the ephemeral photo message sharing service — widely loved by teens — is also facing some adult questions.

Travelers Rent Their Cars Out At Airports, In A New Business Model

At a few U.S. airports, travelers have a new option besides paying for long-term parking or finding a ride. A service named FlightCar allows them to leave their car in the company's lot — and rent it out while they're away.

Removal Of Blind Man, Service Dog From Flight Sparks Outrage

When Albert Rizzi's seeing-eye dog, Doxy, got fidgety during a flight delay, the crew had them both removed from the plane, angering the other passengers.

Facing Media Blitz, Obama Leans On Football Metaphors

It came as little surprise that President Obama, an avid sports fan, leaned heavily on sports metaphors at his press conference Thursday to help explain the problems the administration has experienced rolling out the Affordable Care Act. His recent predecessors had similar tendencies when they wanted to convey ideas to the American public in simpler terms.

Obama To Congress: 'Let's See' Before Any New Iran Sanctions

The president says the U.S. should give negotiators more time to reach a deal on Tehran's nuclear program before passing tougher restrictions.

Denver's Smell-O-Scope Targets Marijuana's Skunky Scent

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. But that doesn't mean residents want their air to smell like a pot rally. Denver is getting more calls to enforce an odor ordinance that can impose a buzz-killing fine on violators. To find them, the city relies on a device called the Nasal Ranger.