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An 'Embarrassed And Humiliated' Gov. Christie Apologizes

The New Jersey governor and potential 2016 GOP presidential contender says he was lied to by a top aide, whom he now has fired, about a dirty trick. Aides sought to punish a Democratic mayor by causing traffic problems in his city. The U.S. attorney in New Jersey is looking into what happened.

How Would You React In A Shooting? Have A Plan, Experts Say

The annual number of mass murders and attempted mass murders in the U.S. has tripled since 2008, to 15 last year. After studying such incidents, two experts suggest in a new paper written for the FBI that Americans take an "avoid, deny, defend" approach. As a last resort, they say, fight back.

Vending Machine In L.A. Will Make Your Next Meal

The Burrito Box just showed up at a gas station in Los Angeles. For $3, you get a freshly-steamed burrito in 1 minute. You can choose sausage, egg and cheese or chicken or beef. Even a side of guacamole.

Global Recession Hits Puerto Rico Hard

The island is paying nearly 10 percent interest on its bonds to attract reluctant investors. And some credit-rating analysts are saying Puerto Rico's bonds may soon get a downgrade. But optimists say they can help solve the island's problems from the bottom up.

50 Years Later, How The Politics Of Poverty Evolved

A lot has changed since President Lyndon Johnson delivered his State of the Union address 50 years ago. In that speech, Johnson declared war on poverty. These days, there are even tougher economic problems that President Obama is hoping to confront.

Sen. Rubio Proposes States Fight Poverty With Federal Funds

As Democrats stress the need to refiine the War on Poverty, the GOP says it needs wholesale changes. Sen. Marco Rubio and other Republicans on Wednesday critiqued the federal effort as a failure of big government — and said that the states know best how to help the poor.

Interior Secretary Wants To Create Jobs For Conservationists

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has a goal of putting 100,000 young people and veterans to work on the federal lands she oversees before the end of the Obama administration. These are basically public service jobs that don't pay a lot. But still, it's not an easy goal to reach during times of tight budgets, so that's why she's gone to corporate America to try to raise money.

Why Boeing Contract Has Implications For The Middle Class

Boeing's deal with machinists severely cuts back retirement and health benefits — concessions workers accepted to keep Boeing manufacturing its latest jetliner in the Seattle area. To talk about the broader implications for the middle class, David Greene talks to journalist Hedrick Smith about his OpEd in this week's Los Angeles Times.

Union Complains About Dallas Police Chief's Twitter Posts

In Dallas, the city's police chief likes to post things on Twitter. And among the things he is posting are the names of the officers and other employees he has recently fired. The police officers union is complaining about the practice, which started as a way to increase transparency.

N.J. Gov. Christie Faces Traffic Jam Scandal

Uncovered emails and text messages link Gov. Chris Christie's administration to a scandal involving the closing of lanes leading to the country's most traveled bridge. It snarled traffic for days. The emails add evidence to claims from state Democrats that the closure was political retribution for a mayor who did not endorse Christie for re-election.