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Hawaiian Woman Gets IDs That Fit Her 36-Character Last Name

Janice Keihanaikukauakahihulihe'ekahaunaele had pressed the state for cards with her full name. Now she's got a new driver's license and an official state identification card.

Evacuation Lifted Following N.D. Oil Train Derailment

Emergency and health officials lift their recommendation that people evacuate the area around a fiery train crash. Many of the 2,400 residents of Casselton, N.D., have obeyed evacuation orders, fearing a large cloud of hazardous smoke and fumes.

Parent Resolutions For 2014: Less Telling, More Listening

Tell Me More's parenting panel dishes on their lessons from the last year. Host Michel Martin is joined by parents Leslie Morgan Steiner, Lester Spence, Jeff Yang and Dani Tucker.

2013: The Year In Political Screw-Ups

If anything defined 2013, it was the political misstep. Between the broken promises, personal scandals and federal government shutdown, it was a year that left voters frustrated and, in some cases, appalled.

'Tell Me Awards' Spotlight Year's Political Highs And Lows

Every year is filled with political missteps, blunders, and gaffes - and 2013 was no exception. Host Michel Martin sits down with former Obama administration adviser Corey Ealons and conservative commentator Lenny McAllister to hand out this year's 'Tell Me Awards' for the best and worst political performances of the year.

Cruz Green Eggs And Ham: Political Hit Or Miss?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was a political hit or miss, depending on whom you ask. Host Michel Martin and guests talk about Cruz and other politicians of note for this year's 'Tell Me Awards.'

Deported Parents Struggle To Regain Custody

An estimated 5,000 children in the U.S. have been placed in foster care after their parents were deported. Regaining custody can be very difficult for deportees. Host Michel Martin talks with Candi Mayes of the Dependency Legal Group of San Diego, and KPBS reporter Jill Replogle.

As 2013 Winds To An End, So Do The Tweets Of 1963

Since June, we've been "live-tweeting" moments from 1963 as if they were happening today. That includes "replays" of the March on Washington, the Birmingham church bombing and President Kennedy's assassination.

From Pandas To Health Care: The 13 Numbers Of 2013

NPR has been taking a look at the numbers that tell the story of 2013. These 13 reflect the highs and lows of the year, from deadly wildfires and the war in Syria, to football stadiums and same-sex marriage.

Happy New Year! The Celebrations Are Underway

The new year has arrived in Australia, New Zealand and other places in the Pacific. As 2014 begins around the world, we'll watch for highlights of the celebrations. Among the things to watch for: Dubai's bid to set a new world record for biggest fireworks display.