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Rand Paul's NSA Lawsuit Helps Him Lay Claim To A Big Issue

By suing the Obama administration, including the National Security Agency, for the agency's phone call data collection, Sen. Rand Paul now has ownership of an important issue in a way no other potential 2016 presidential candidate has yet to claim.

As Takeover Hopes Fade, House Democrats Remain Upbeat

House Democrats are in Maryland for their annual issues conference. Despite their grim electoral prospects this fall, they are relishing the infighting that has beset the Republican House majority.

Many Flights Canceled, But Fewer Fliers Stranded On Tarmac

A fliers' revolt on Valentine's Day in 2007 led to stiff fines against airlines that kept passengers waiting for too long. The delays still happen, but new technology and better planning are making them less inconvenient.

In Men's Figure Skating, U.S. Pins Hopes On A New Class

The U.S. is defending its gold medal in men's figure skating, but without the star power of previous games. Two skaters in Sochi, 19-year-old Jason Brown and 28-year-old Jeremy Abbott — represent the near future of the sport in America.

Facebook Gives Users New Options To Identify Gender

Facebook is rolling out changes to its 159 million members in the U.S. that will allow people to have a wider choice than simply male or female when selecting a gender description on the site. Users can choose from roughly 50 options including Trans Male, Trans Woman or Androgynous.

In West Virginia, Polluted Water Squeezes Wallets And Patience

More than a month has passed since a chemical leak polluted Charleston's water supply, and life is anything but normal for the 300,000 people in the area. Many still rely on bottled water or are getting water elsewhere. They're feeling an economic pinch and are upset with government officials.

Grounded And Confounded, Airlines Wait For Storms To Pass

The snow and ice storms sweeping the East Coast have been felt not only on the ground but in the air, as well. Airlines are cancelling thousands of flights, and both the companies and their passengers have had to deal with the fallout.

The Carolinas Host A Rare And Rowdy Visitor — Snow

Another spate of harsh winter weather has hit the East Coast, wreaking havoc with power lines and airline itineraries along the way. Cities unused to the snow and ice are having the toughest time coping with the storms. We hear first from Dwayne Cartwright, President and CEO of South Carolina-based Berkeley Electric Cooperative. He says that at one point about two-thirds of their customers experienced an outage. Then Ron Carlee, the city manager of Charlotte, N.C., joins us to discuss the ways his city is dealing with the weather.

Debt Ceiling Vote Relied On GOP's 'Tough Vote' Caucus

The 28 House Republicans who voted for the debt ceiling increase made it safe for the rest of their fellow Republicans not to.

How The Big Cable Deal Could Actually Boost Open-Internet Rules

Comcast's proposed $45 billion merger with Time Warner might strengthen provisions intended to make sure Internet providers are treating all online traffic equally by extending so-called net neutrality to millions more users. But public-interest advocates worry the deal will hurt competition.