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Alabama County Files Plan To Exit Bankruptcy

Creditors are going to lose up to 70 cents of every dollar they're owed by Jefferson County, Ala. The county earned the title of largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history after a sewer financing deal went awry.

Park Wins U.S. Women's Open For 3rd Straight Major

Inbee Park set many golfing goals. Etching her name alongside Babe Zaharias was never one of them. Yet now they're the only two players to win the first three majors of the year. Park became the first to accomplish the feat in the modern era Sunday with her second U.S. Women's Open title.

Big Growth Could Shake Up Texas' Old Political Equation

The state is growing fast, and most of that growth is in the Hispanic population. If Democrats could capture a large share of Hispanic votes — as they have elsewhere — they would be a lot more competitive in Texas. But the state's GOP leader says he's not worried.

Arizona Officials: 19 Firefighters Killed Battling Blaze

Forestry officials in Arizona say 19 firefighters have died while fighting a massive fire that has ripped through half of the town of Yarnell Hill, reports the Arizona Republic.

New Rules Puts Brakes On Truck Drivers' Schedules

Department of Transportation statistics show that between 3,000 and 4,000 people die annually in large truck and bus crashes in America. Starting July 1, new regulations limiting the hours commercial vehicle drivers can be on the road will be enforced.

The First President To Travel Abroad

President Obama is in Africa this week on a three-country tour. But who was the first president to go abroad? Biographer Edmund Morris tells us about President Teddy Roosevelt's historic trip to Panama in 1906.

Snowden Is 'A Hero,' WikiLeaks' Assange Says

The WikiLeaks founder argues that the "NSA leaker" has exposed "mass unlawful interception" of individuals' phone calls and Internet messages. But key lawmakers made the case again Sunday that Edward Snowden should be returned to the U.S. to face prosecution.

Justice Kennedy Denies Request To Halt Same-Sex Marriages

Proponents of California's Proposition 8 had asked that marriages be suspended while they decide whether to ask the court to reconsider its ruling about that initiative. Meanwhile, gay pride celebrations were happening in cities across the U.S.

13 Years In Jail For Writing On A Sidewalk With Chalk?

In San Diego, 40-year-old Jeffrey Olson is on trial for writing messages such as "No Thanks, Big Banks," on sidewalks. He was protesting the financial mess some banks got into and the federal bailout that followed. Should be be prosecuted for expressing himself in erasable ways that weren't obscene?

Western States' Heat Wave Turns Deadly; No Relief In Sight

The death of an elderly man in Las Vegas is being blamed on temperatures that have soared past 110 degrees in many places. The National Weather Service warns that it's going to stay brutally hot in the Southwest for at least a few more days.