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From Top Model To Black Panther, Yaya Is 'Truly African-American'

Whether competing on America's Next Top Model or acting in Lee Daniels' The Butler, Yaya Alafia has never shied away from issues of race and identity. She talks to host Michel Martin as part of a special series for Black History Month.

Paula Deen Cooks Up $75 Million Deal With Investor

The celebrity cook and restaurant owner lost her Food Network gig and many endorsements last year when her past use of a racial slur was revealed. She has apologized many times. Now, a private equity company has come forward with millions of dollars to restart her business empire.

With This Year's Flu, Young Adults Are Not So Invincible

Young people are usually less likely to become seriously ill with flu, but this season looks like an exception to that rule. Blame the H1N1 strain. Even though the flu vaccine is less than perfect, getting a shot each year can make the illness less severe, doctors say.

How Bad Is It For Fliers Today? Latest 'Misery Map' Shows

The more red you see on's graphic, the worse it is for air travelers. The snow and ice storm that's moving up the East Coast has forced airlines to cancel or delay thousands of flights.

WATCH: Cameras Capture Corvettes Being Sucked Into Sinkhole

Surveillance footage shows the floor opening up beneath some of the iconic cars at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. Other videos, taken with cameras mounted on a small helicopter, show what it's like down in the pit.

Ice And Snow Move Into Northeast And New England

Heavy snow has piled up from the Deep South through the Mid-Atlantic, and states to the north will be getting hit as the day continues. Also in the forecast: Ice, along the I-95 corridor. More than a dozen deaths have been attributed to the storm.

In Security Cases, Feds No Longer Get Benefit Of The Doubt

Disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have shaken the intelligence community and spurred Congress to try to impose new limits on electronic surveillance. In recent weeks, aftershocks from those leaks have been rippling through the courts too. Some judges have signaled they're no longer willing to take the government's word when it comes to national security.

'Flappy Bird' Ripoffs Fill The Void

The creator of the video game "Flappy Bird" has stopped offering it on Apple and Google app stores. Not to worry, other games are taking its place. To name a couple: "Flappy Bee" and "Flappy Plane."

Former New Orleans Mayor Found Guilty Of Corruption

A federal jury in New Orleans has convicted former Mayor Ray Nagin on a series of bribery and corruption charges. The Democrat led the city when Hurricane Katrina struck and oversaw the early years of rebuilding. It was during that time the government said he took tens of thousands of dollars in bribes and goods in exchange for steering city business to businessmen.

Cable Deal: Comcast To Buy Time Warner

Comcast has confirmed it is buying Time Warner. The merger would combine the country's two largest cable companies and likely draw scrutiny from regulators.