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Infamous Reporter Stephen Glass Vies For Bar Admission

The New York State Bar rejected Glass on moral character grounds nine years ago, and the California Supreme Court is likely to do the same. Still, some say the man who fabricated dozens of magazine stories has changed and should be given the chance to practice law.

No Motive In Newtown Report, But Many Details About Lanza

At more than 50 pages, the summary report issued Monday gives an overview of findings from the investigation into the December 2012 shooting, while omitting controversial details such as 911 call recordings.

U.S. May Be Producing 50 Percent More Methane Than EPA Thinks

Previous estimates of the climate-warming gas were based on the rough number of methane-emitting sources on the ground — such as factories, refineries, stoves, swamps, landfills and cattle herds. But by directly measuring levels of methane in the air instead, a new study puts the total much higher.

Yes, Your Toddler Really Is Smarter Than A 5-Year-Old

Developmental psychologists are trying to figure out what very small children know and when they know it. The answer: a lot, and a lot earlier than you think. One experiment finds that 18-month-olds can reason abstractly when sorting blocks, well before they are able to explain it.

John Kerry: Risk Ready And Looking For A Legacy

Secretary of State John Kerry has been diving into difficult issues ever since he took up the office at Foggy Bottom. He's managed tough negotiations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai over a future, limited role for U.S. troops there. He's re-launched Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, reached a deal with Russia to rid Syria of chemical weapons and is now making headway with Iran to roll back that country's nuclear program. This is a man clearly looking for legacy.

Steubenville Schools Head, Others Charged In Teen Rape Case

Ohio Attorney Gen. Mike DeWine announced Monday that four more adults, including the superintendent of Steubenville's schools, were indicted on charges related to the alleged attempt to cover up a teenage girl's 2012 rape. Two members of the high school football team were found guilty of the rape in March. Last month, the head of technology for the school system was accused of tampering with evidence.

Long Road Ahead For Permanent Iran Nuclear Deal To Be Reached

The Obama administration says one of the most important gains in the Iran nuclear deal is that it will buy time for negotiations on a more permanent agreement. If no such agreement is reached, sanctions that have been suspended could be re-imposed. But analysts say the obstacles to a final agreement are still huge, and it may not be easy to regain the leverage that sanctions have achieved so far.

Long-Awaited Report On Newtown School Shooting Closes Case

A report on the Newtown, Conn., school shooting released Monday says we may never know what motivated Adam Lanza to kill twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School nearly a year ago. The long-awaited summary report from the Connecticut State's Attorney mentions that Lanza was a troubled young man who didn't seem to connect with people. He did not share his plans with anyone before the rampage. The report rules out criminal prosecution and closes the case. It was shared with Newtown family members before being released to the public.

White House: Iran Deal Delays Potential Nuclear Weapon

Officials from the U.S. and five world powers reached a deal with Iran over the weekend to curb its nuclear program. Melissa Block speaks with Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes about the deal.

Helping Low-Income Seniors Build A Social Web Online

More older Americans are going online, but many seniors don't have the resources, devices or skills to navigate the Web. One pilot program is giving tablets and training to seniors to help them combat isolation while staying safe online.