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Law Enforcement Straddles Atlantic To Round Up Alleged Mobsters

The FBI and Italian police made two dozen arrests on Tuesday in connection with an alleged drug trafficking ring. The ring involved mobsters in Brooklyn and members of the 'Ndrangheta, a powerful crime syndicate based in Calabria, Italy.

A 'First Of Its Kind Conference' About Sexual Assault On Campus

Nearly three years after the federal government issued guidelines for dealing with sexual misconduct on campus, administrators are meeting at the University of Virginia to discuss problems and progress. As Sandy Hausman of member station WVTF reports, leaders in higher education say they're struggling to understand and manage sexual assaults in the age of "hooking up."

Nonprofits Pull In Investors To Tackle Housing Affordability

One of the biggest problems facing low-income families is a lack of affordable housing. A coalition of nonprofits hopes to attack the problem using a well-known tool in the private sector — a real estate investment trust that allows investors to pool their funds to buy property.

Pay Cuts, End Of Tenure Put North Carolina Teachers On Edge

No state has seen as steep a drop in teacher salaries over the past few years. Legislators also halted a salary bump for teachers with master's degrees and cut a cap on class size. "Teachers are really questioning why they want to teach," says the head of a state advocacy group.

This Time, Officials Claim They're Ready For Southern Storms

Another winter storm is hitting the Deep South on Tuesday. Snow is falling in six Southern states. Two weeks ago, a storm paralyzed metro Atlanta. Some motorists were trapped on snowy and icy interstates for 18 hours. But this time around, officials are saying they will be better prepared.

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Also Helps Prevent Genital Warts

The vaccine against human papillomavirus is recommended for girls and young women to prevent cervical cancer. A study finds it also protects against genital warts, a common sexually transmitted disease, even if people get less than the recommended three shots.

George Washington Carver, The Black History Monthiest Of Them All

Ask folks about George Washington Carver, and they'll probably mutter something about peanuts. But Carver's real legacy is hard to grasp. Race contributed to his fame and hindered his scientific research.

In Illinois Deal, The Onion Will Promote Health Insurance (Really)

Get Covered Illinois, the state's health insurance exchange, has hired Onion Labs, The Onion's in-house ad team, to develop banner ads, a video and other online material to persuade young people to sign up for insurance coverage.

After 23 Years, Your Waiter Is Ready For A Raise

The tipped minimum wage has been stuck at $2.13 an hour since 1991, but legislation before Congress could finally change that. The restaurant industry says that will cost jobs and drive away diners. But in states where servers, bartenders and other tipped workers already make more than the federal minimum wage, restaurants haven't been hurting.

Erin Hamlin Sets A U.S. First With Medal In Luge

German Natalie Geisenberger's winning margin of 1.139 seconds was the largest at the Olympics since 1964, the sport's first year at the games. The American Hamlin says of her medal, "It's surreal, really."