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Digging Graves The Old-Fashioned Way: 'This Ain't No Easy Job'

"I've dug graves when it was 10 below zero and the wind blowing and snowing, and I've dug graves when it was 90 degrees and hotter than hell. I remember all of them," says Everard Hall, who's been digging with a pickax and a shovel for 48 years. This summer, he'll start digging his own grave.

Cold War Technology Sought By Spy Is In Your Pocket — Sort Of

Federal authorities have arrested a Chinese national who is accused of trying to buy accelerometers from a company in suburban Seattle. Certain kinds of accelerometers are subject to export controls, because they're used to guide missiles and spacecraft. The U.S. has been trying to keep accelerometer technology under wraps for half a century. Even as some accelerometers were used to guide Cold War missiles into space and around the world, today's technological descendents allow you to play racing games on your iPhone.

Demographic Shifts Contribute To The Changing Face Of Retail

With jobs and populations growing in the cities, it's no surprise that retailers, including Wal-Mart and Target, are trying to adapt their models to suit urban areas. Competition from online stores is also contributing to a changing retail landscape.

Got Road Salt? Cities Across The Country Are Running Out Of It

This winter's relentless snowstorms have depleted stockpiles of rock salt, and pushed the industry to its limit. Even areas with vast quantities of salt underground are scrambling to get enough to melt the ice on their roads.

Woman Arrested For Not Returning Movie Rented In 2005

A copy of Monster-In-Law is at the center of a story that landed a South Carolina woman in jail for a night. It may remind you of a Seinfeld episode, but it's not a laughing matter to her.

Penn State Picks New President: Florida State's Eric Barron

The school is turning to an experienced administrator. Barron has been president of Florida State since 2010. Before that, he was a dean at Penn State. He takes over a school still recovering from the 2011 scandal involving former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of young boys.

Pennsylvania Woman Claims To Have Killed At Least 22 People

Nineteen-year-old Miranda Barbour and her husband have been accused of one grisly murder. Now, she has told a Pennsylvania newspaper that she's been killing people since she was 13, and that "I stopped counting" at 22 victims. Authorities are investigating.

Snowden's Leaks About NSA Lead To Awards For 4 Reporters

Journalists who broke the news in The Guardian and The Washington Post are among those receiving this year's George Polk Awards in Journalism. Without their work, the stories "would not have seen the light of day."

Watch Out: Rolling Ball Gathers More Snow

Two math majors at Reed College in Portland. Ore., created a wintery masterpiece: A snowball weighing about 800 lbs. The students built it on the quad, but decide to roll it down a walk. Then the snowball took off down a hill and smashed into a dorm wall so hard it crushed it.

Marine Commandant Launches Offensive Against Bad Behavior

After 12 plus years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the commandant of the Marine Corps is taking stock of where the Marine Corps is headed as an institution. Gen. James Amos is examining issues from discipline and sexual assault, to how to keep Marines who signed up to fight engaged. During a recent visit to Los Angeles, Gen. Amos sat down with Renee Montagne to talk about his efforts.