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Homeless Students A Growing Problem For Schools

It's parent-teacher conference time. But for many students across the country, finding a bed at night is top of mind. Host Michel Martin talks about the growing number of homeless students in the U.S., with NPR Education Correspondent Claudio Sanchez, and Larissa Dickinson, a social worker for Mobile County Public Schools in Alabama.

Renisha McBride Shooting: 'We May Never Know' Why

Host Michel Martin takes a look at the death of Renisha McBride. She was shot to death by a homeowner who says he thought she was breaking into his home. Georgetown law professor Paul Butler, Detroit Free Press columnist Rochelle Riley and University of Colorado professor Joshua Correll, discuss whether race may have played a role in the shooting.

'Totally Biased' TV Show Cancelled, A Total Loss?

Comedian W. Kamau Bell's cable talk show Totally Biased earned a lot of buzz, but was recently cancelled. NPR's TV critic Eric Deggans tells host Michel Martin why, and sheds some light on the television industry.

More Blame Congress Than Obama For Park Woes During Shutdown

A national poll released Monday shows many registered voters were reminded of the importance of national parks during the federal government shutdown. Congress did get more of a bruising on perceived responsibility for the park closures, but the president wasn't left unscathed either.

Death Toll Rising After Storms Explode Over Midwest

It was a deadly combination: Winter jet streams collided with warm and moist air. Twisters flattened subdivisions in Washington, Ill., and tore through farming communities. The destruction spread to other states across the upper Midwest. Six deaths have been reported in Illinois, two in Michigan.

Monday Political Mix: Bitcoins In Congress' Spotlight

Congress holds a hearing on virtual currencies like Bitcoins... What else could go wrong with Obamacare? ... Cheney sisters fight over same-sex marriage goes public.

Yarn Bombers Strike Statues In Portland, Ore.

It takes a real craft-oriented city to experience yarn bombing. The latest soft hit: statues decked out in holiday knitwear. Two dolphin statues now sport red and green sweaters. A deer statue wears a pompom cap and legwarmers.

Midwest Hit With Deadly Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms

Strong winds, heavy rain and hail struck Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky — but central Illinois was perhaps hardest hit. Tornado survey teams are evaluating damage in the area.

States Aim To Cure Hyperpartisanship With Primary Changes

Several states are moving or looking to move to a new primary election system that could force members of Congress to pay attention to general election voters more than their base voters on the right or left.

Obama Shifts To Foreign Policy Goals During 2nd Term

The White House has been fighting to prevent the disastrous rollout of the health care law from defining President Obama's second term. This week, diplomats from the U.S. and other countries are going to meet for a second round of negotiations on Iran's nuclear program, and a breakthrough there could shape history's view of this president.