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Dozens Hurt In Massive Pileup On Pennsylvania Turnpike

Officials say about 100 vehicles were involved in a number of accidents along a stretch of the tollway near Bensalem. At least 30 people were treated for injuries.

Working With A Therapist Can Help When Sleeping Pills Don't

There's a treatment for insomnia that's safe, effective and pill-free. The Veterans Administration is embracing it to help returning soldiers with PTSD. There's even an app. But many people don't know that cognitive behavioral therapy is an option for insomnia. Proponents are trying to change that.

Al Roker's Sorry For 1 Tweet, But Not For Blasting NYC Mayor

When New York's mayor decided not to close schools Thursday even though a winter storm was bearing down on the city, NBC's meteorologist took to Twitter. Roker cracked that the long-range forecast for de Blasio is "1 term." He's apologized for that line, but not for criticizing the mayor's decision.

Doctors Court Controversy In Ad For Surgical Robot

The former head of a prestigious Boston hospital found it unsettling when the surgical staff of an Illinois academic medical center endorsed a medical device in a national newspaper advertisement. After he started asking questions, the hospital asked that the ad, paid for by the device maker, be suspended.

Worst Is Over, But More Snow's Coming

The storm that has caused havoc from Texas to New England is due to move out to sea Friday. But it's still winter: At least a little more snow is expected in many parts of the Northeast over the weekend.

Virginia's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Ruled Unconstitutional

"Our Constitution declares that 'all men' are created equal. Surely this means all of us," a judge writes. She postponed enforcement of her ruling, however, pending the expected appeal of her decision.

Father And Daughter Serve Detention Together

A third-grader student was late and got detention in Plainfield, Ill. Her father said since he brings her to school, he should do the time. The school declined his offer — instead they'll serve time together.

L.A.'s Metro Red Line Plays Cupid

Passengers interested in speeding dating can wear pink wristbands and board cars adorned with red hearts. After two minutes, they're free to find a new seatmate. Or, if the mini-date really goes off the rails — they can get off and wait for the next train.

Obama To See California Drought Conditions Firsthand

President Obama is heading to California — the state is suffering from severe drought conditions. Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains is less than 30 percent of what it should be this time of year. And that means farmers and ranchers will have to get by with much less water than they'd like come spring.

St. Paul Residents Don't Just See Ice, They Hear It

In Minnesota, the coldest winter in decades is ebbing with eerie sounds in St. Paul. The howl of melting ice on the Mississippi River got people's attention.