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How Republicans And Democrats Ended Up Living Apart

Democrats and Republicans are much less likely to live among each other than they were a generation ago. And new social-science research suggests that more Americans are motivated to move because they want to live among partisans of their own stripe.

Estrogen May Not Help Prevent Fuzzy Thinking After Menopause

Women with naturally higher levels of estrogen after menopause don't have better memory or mental skills, Stanford researchers say. It's yet another dent in the long-held belief that the hormone is linked to mental sharpness.

Please Send This Man Photos Of Snow On Your Patio Furniture

Denver news anchor Kyle Clark has made a funny plea to viewers that they stop sending his station pictures of their decks every time it snows. "Is that really the best we can do?" he asks.

Judge Orders Sriracha Factory To Cool It

In Irwindale, Calif., city officials were peppered with complaints about smells coming from the hot sauce factory. Now a judge has said the plant must partially shut down while the company and authorities try to address the problem.

Three Words For Getaway Day: Soggy, Sloppy And Snowy

On this busiest travel day of the year, millions trying to get somewhere in the eastern half of the U.S. will be dealing with storms.

Americans Asked To Chose National Thanksgiving Turkey

It seems like the White House was hosting a Thanksgiving Hunger Games. Americans were asked to decide which turkey tribute, Caramel or Popcorn, will be the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

It Still Isn't Easy, But Independent Bookstores Are Doing Better

Despite intense competition from Amazon and big-box retailers, there are more independent bookstores now than there were four years ago. Borders' bankruptcy, the "buy local" movement and cooperative publishers have all contributed to the renaissance.

Drilling For Oil, Based On The Bible: Do Oil And Religion Mix?

The born-again head of Zion Oil believes the Old Testament and an office full of geologists will lead him to oil deposits in Israel. So far, the company has spent $130 million and only hit dry holes.

Ohio Hospital Puts Docs On The Spot To Lower Costs

An aspect of the Affordable Care Act is meant to rein in exploding health care costs. To do that, the law has created hundreds of experiments in which hospitals have volunteered to participate. Our Planet Money team went to one hospital in Ohio that's trying to get doctors more involved in understanding hospital economics.

Men's Wearhouse Goes 'Pac-Man' On Joseph A. Bank

The retail company Men's Wearhouse has announced it is launching a takeover battle for rival Joseph A. Bank. What makes the effort unusual is that just last month Joseph A. Bank was trying to take over Men's Wearhouse. The turnaround is an example of what Wall Street calls a Pac-Man defense.