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Chinese Firm Gets Approval To Buy Electric Carmaker Fisker

Wanxiang Group, China's largest auto parts company, won a bankruptcy auction last week for Fisker, which made plug-in, hybrid sports cars. Wanxiang's bid is valued at about $150 million.

Despite Law, Health Plans Refuse Medical Claims Related To Suicide

Under the federal health law and 2006 regulations, insurers can't deny medical coverage for an individual's injuries because they resulted from a medical condition such as depression, even if it wasn't diagnosed before the injury.

In Act Of Protest, Ai Weiwei Vase Is Destroyed At Miami Museum

The Miami New Times reports that local artist Maximo Caminero claimed he smashed the vase to protest the type of artists showcased at the newly opened Perez Art Museum Miami. He's been charged with criminal mischief. Ai, the Chinese artist and dissident, said the vandal's argument "doesn't make much sense."

There's A Clown Shortage: Who Will Fill Those Big Shoes?

Coulrophobics may be happy. But fans of the red-nosed jesters have cause for concern. What if there's a call to send in the clowns and no one's there to answer?

Before Northeast Thaws, Thundersnow Will Roll Through

Weeks of frigid temperatures and snowstorms will give way to warmer weather this week. But first, there's one more round of snow coming through. It's expected to be accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Woman Arrested For Not Returning Movie Rental

A copy of Monster-In-Law, rented in 2005, is at the center of a story that landed a South Carolina woman in jail for a night. Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, ended up spending a night at the county jail before posting a $2,000 personal recognizance bond and being released.

Association Warns Of A Possible Clown Shortage

The head of a clown organization told the New York Daily News that clowns "just aren't cool anymore." Rubber noses and rainbow wigs just can't compete for young talent with tech startups and Wall Street.

California Toasts 2013's Record Wine Grape Harvest

Finally there's some good news out of drought-ravaged California. The state's reporting the largest wine grape harvest on record.

Democrats Eye Long-Time GOP Seat In Florida Special Election

A special election next month in Florida's 13th Congressional District is being touted as an important preview of the upcoming mid-term races. Polls suggest it's a tight race, and that it will likely turn on which candidate does a better job getting his or her supporters to come out and vote.

Minnesota Town Seems To Churn Out Olympic Ice Hockey Players

Just six miles from the Canadian border is Warroad. Historian Beth Marvin admits the town is somewhat of an Olympic incubator. Eight U.S. Olympic hockey players have come from Warroad — seven have brought home medals.