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Maddux, Glavine And Thomas Going To Baseball Hall Of Fame

The results are in and the honors go to former Atlanta Braves pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine as well as slugger Frank Thomas. He's the first Hall of Famer who mostly served as a designated hitter.

NASA Reportedly Gets OK To Keep Space Station Going Until 2024

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the White House has given approval for the extension, which still must be funded by Congress. However, the decision could lead to a budget crunch down the road.

Hell Has Frozen Over, Headline Writers Rejoice

As the tiny town in Michigan has gotten colder, few could seem to resist having some fun with its name. The frigid fame will be short-lived. Hell may be frozen over now, but it's expected to thaw this weekend.

Death Toll From Deep Freeze Tops 20; Warm-Up Is Coming

Weather-related traffic accidents have accounted for some of the deaths. Others have collapsed while shoveling snow. Several victims are said to have been homeless people who either didn't want to go to shelters or didn't get to one in time. Thankfully, more moderate weather is about to arrive.

Wis. Gov. Walker Called For Jury Duty

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be at the Milwaukee County Courthouse Tuesday morning. The governor was bumped from a murder trial but then put on a jury for a personal injury lawsuit.

Customers Reap Benefits From American, US Airways Merger

One month after its merger with US Airways, American Airlines has introduced some procedural changes for its customers. The world's largest airline is assuring its best clients they'll keep their perks.

It's So Cold That Hell Freezes Over

That would be Hell, Mich., where temperatures fell to minus 13 degrees, and even colder with the windchill. It's due to warm up there Tuesday to a balmy high of 16 degrees.

A Cheesy Meltdown: Kraft Warns Of Velveeta Shortage

Kraft confirms that shortages are in store of its creamy processed cheese — part of a popular concoction with salsa served on a nacho chip or two. One reason? Seasonal demand — in other words, it's Super Bowl time.

Record Could Hinder Confirmation Of Civil Rights Nominee

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday considers President Obama's nominee to enforce civil rights at the Justice Department. Debo Adegbile will need to overcome the opposition not only of voter fraud activists but also the Fraternal Order of Police.

31-Year-Old Hopes To Ski Past Her (Younger) Competitors

Holly Brooks made the switch from coach to world-class athlete in 2009, after an epiphany on a hospital gurney. Now she's hoping to compete in the Winter Olympics for a second time. She says she has something many of her younger competitors lack: perspective.