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After India, Obama Takes Saudi Arabia Detour

Leaving India, President Obama detoured to Saudi Arabia — a key ally in a volatile region, which is itself a country in transition.

Koch Brothers Rival GOP With Plans To Spend $900 Million In 2016

The billionaire industrialist Koch brothers have announced their fundraising goal for the 2016 election: nearly $900 million, which puts the assorted secret-money groups in the same league as the national Republican Party.

Obama Administration Proposes Opening Up Atlantic To Drilling

At the same time, a new Interior Department plan designated nearly 10 million acres in Alaska as off-limits to any future oil and gas leasing. Reaction has been mixed to the draft plan.

Number Of Exonerations Last Year Reached New High, Report Finds

The National Registry of Exonerations says 125 people were exonerated in 2014 after being falsely convicted of crimes. The number surpasses the previous record of 91 set in 2013.

A Teacher's 'Pinch Me' Moment: Cheering The Super Bowl From The Sidelines

On Sunday, this Massachusetts teacher will be up close with her favorite team — as a cheerleader on the New England Patriots squad.

The Cape Bears Brunt Of Blizzard's Onslaught

The snowstorm hitting the Northeast is having a big impact on Cape Cod, Mass. Steve Inskeep speaks with WCAI's Sean Corcoran for the latest on how residents and local officials are handling the storm.

Mourning In Riyadh: Obama Visits New Saudi King To Offer Condolences

President Obama has stopped in Saudi Arabia on his way home from India. He's meeting with the new Saudi king. Steve Inskeep talks to NPR's Scott Horsley, who is traveling with the President.

Gamesmanship Or Cheating: A History Quiz

Whatever happens with the investigation of Deflategate, there is sometimes a blurry line between gaining a competitive advantage and downright cheating.

Boston Copes With Its Deepening Blanket Of Snow

The snowstorm hitting the Northeast is having a major impact in Boston. Steve Inskeep checks in with WBUR's Anne Mostue for the latest on how residents and local officials are handling the storm.

Gunman Opens Fire At City Council Meeting In Minnesota

Two police officers were injured and the gunman was killed. The officers had just been sworn in to the New Hope police force.