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China-Pakistan Deal Highlights Waning U.S. Influence In Region

China's President is pledging to invest $46 billion in a corridor across Pakistan linking China with the Middle East. Some analysts say this signifies a decline in America's influence in the region.

Researchers Fly Over Shale Fields To Study Air Pollution

This month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is flying an airborne research lab over oil and gas producing states.

Screening Tests For Breast Cancer Genes Just Got Cheaper

A company has priced its test for mutations linked to breast and ovarian cancer at $249 — far less than the thousands of dollars another firm charges. But is there a downside for the worried well?

Should The Government Get Out Of The Air Traffic Control Business?

Efforts to replace air traffic control's aging radar-based system have been stuck in the Federal Aviation Administration's bureaucracy and lacked funding from Congress.

Who Owns Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac?

The federal government controls Fannie and Freddie. But does it own it?

Young Adults With Autism More Likely To Be Unemployed, Isolated

More than half of young people with autism had neither a job nor educational plans in the first two years after high school, a study finds.

Iowa Farm To Kill 5 Million Chickens In Effort To Contain Avian Flu

This is the worst outbreak since the H5N2 influenza was first detected in December. The disease has been found in seven other states over the past five months.

What A Bleeping Day: Reds Manager Takes Media To Task

More than 80 profanities in under six minutes. That's the statistic baseball writers are talking about Tuesday, after Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price's tirade against the media.

On The High School Diploma: A 'Bilingual' Stamp Of Approval?

Indiana may soon allow high school students to graduate with a 'seal of biliteracy.' Eight other states already do.

Californians Can Now Pay Cash For Health Insurance At 7-Eleven

Many people who are eligible for federal health insurance subsidies don't have bank accounts, which makes it hard to pay premiums. A system in California lets them pay with cash at stores.