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Photos: Baltimore Quiet For 2nd Night; New York, Denver Protests Noisier

Police arrested about 100 demonstrators in Manhattan after crowds tried to block a major tunnel, and pepper spray was deployed in Colorado. In Baltimore, the curfew was honored.

5 Things You Should Know About Bernie Sanders

He's the longest-serving independent member of Congress in U.S. history and once voted with the National Rifle Association. Here's what you may not know.

Seeking Presidency, 'Socialist' Sanders Looks To Elevate Less-Talked About Issues

Bernie Sanders, the liberal senator from Vermont, will try to be more than a fringe presidential candidate. He's aiming to elevate the issue of income inequality on the national stage.

Your Tough Job Might Help Keep You Sharp

In an eight-year study of older people, those who had held mentally demanding, stimulating jobs tended to retain their mental agility better than people whose work was less stimulating.

It's Sotomayor V. Roberts In Supreme Court Death Penalty Drama

Justice Sonia Sotomayor and lawyers arguing in favor of Oklahoma's lethal-injection cocktail got into a clash so pronounced that Chief Justice John Roberts chastised Sotomayor for talking too much.

Court: Corporations May Be People, But 'Judges Are Not Politicians'

The Supreme Court has increased campaign spending limits, but not when it comes to judges. It found an "unavoidable appearance that judges who personally ask for money may diminish their integrity."

SEC Rule Would Link Executive Pay To Performance

The rule, which grew out of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul bill, would make it easier for shareholders to see whether salaries are in line with a company's financial performance.

Floyd Mayweather's Brash Style Has Split Fan Loyalties

Floyd Mayweather is expected to beat Manny Pacquiao in their much anticipated fight this Saturday in Las Vegas, but many are rooting for him to lose. He is one of boxing's most polarizing figures.

Japan's Abe Pushes The Pacific Trade Deal Onto Center Stage

The Japanese prime minister used his time in the spotlight in Washington to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying it would create both prosperity and peace. Democrats remain skeptical.

Reporter Jason Rezaian Being Held On 'Accusations,' Brother Says

NPR's Melissa Block interviews Ali Rezaian about his brother Jason, the Washington Post bureau chief in Tehran, Iran, who has been charged in an Iranian court with espionage, among other things.