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Heinz, Kraft Announce Merger

The deal would create the world's fifth-biggest food and beverage company. It would bring together under one corporate roof iconic brands such as Heinz, Kraft, Oscar Mayer and Philadelphia.

Female Marines Make Adjustments To Advance In Combat Training

In the Mojave Desert, female Marines are taking part in simulated combat for the first time working alongside men in combat roles. Renee Montage talks to Sgt. Kelly Brown, who we first met last fall.

John Urschel Balances Math Career With Pro Football Risks

John Urschel is an offensive linesman for the Baltimore Ravens, and he's also a published mathematician. He talks to David Greene about his love of math and why he plays in the NFL.

Ex-Inmate Uses His Sentence To Create Successful Business Plan

Frederick Hutson disrupted the biggest captive market in America. While in prison, he honed a business plan and re-imagined that system as an untapped consumer base.

ACLU Sues To Gain Access To TSA's Behavioral Profiling Program

The TSA has trained agents to spot terrorists by watching body language. Government watchdogs say the program is a waste of money, based on faulty science, and leads to racial profiling.

'Borland Effect' A Fumble For Football? Deford Says It Will Pass

San Francisco 49ers player Chris Borland is retiring from the NFL after a single season to avoid potential brain injuries. Some see this as the beginning of the end of football's popularity.

Oakland Kids Get A Raise From The New Minimum Wage

The highest minimum wage in the nation just went into effect in Oakland, Calif. But what does that mean for young people and how are businesses making it work?

Remote Jailing Cuts Off Inmates From Real-World Support System

County jails that send inmates far away to serve short-term sentences can be a cost-saver to local governments. But it could have major consequences when prisoners are released.

Obama Administration Emissions Rules Face Supreme Court Test

The rules are aimed at limiting the amount of hazardous pollutants coming from coal and oil-fired utility plants. They're being challenged by industry groups and more than 20 states.

Retired Oakland Police Officer Recruits Locals To Police Their Own City

Police departments around the county are under pressure to diversify. In Oakland, Calif., officials say police-community relations also might improve by increasing the number of cops who live there.