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Ground Shifts As Politicians Try To Stake Out Positions On Gay Marriage

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, where will the political battle lines be drawn next?

Native Americans Protest Proposed Copper Mine In Arizona

One of the country's largest copper deposits lies east of Phoenix. But none of that copper has been mined yet. A land swap between the federal government and a private company may change that. Some Native American residents say a holy site is at risk.

Activist Climbs Flagpole At S.C. Statehouse, Removes Confederate Banner

The unidentified woman was arrested after she removed the flag, defying demands from State Capitol police to come down from the 30-foot pole.

Little Baggies Of Bigotry Broadcast A Hateful Message — Paired With Candy

In some states, people have been leaving plastic baggies filled with Ku Klux Klan fliers and candy. NPR's Scott Simon considers what it means to sugarcoat hatred in the wake of Charleston shootings.

Learning The Hard Way Why You Just Shouldn't GetTooClose

In India, writer Deepak Singh was always bumping up against humanity. In the U.S., he found out about personal space. And he wonders: Is something lost when you have to keep your distance?

Grace Lee Boggs, Activist And American Revolutionary, Turns 100

Boggs, famous for her role in helping shape the labor, civil rights and environmental movements in Detroit, has established a legacy of passionate and philosophical protest.

New Volley In Trump Vs. Univision Fight

The mogul and GOP presidential candidate has barred network employees from his golf course. Univision had dumped the partially-Trump-owned Miss USA Pageant after Trump disparaged Mexican immigrants.

Supreme Court Changes Face Of Marriage In Historic Ruling

The court ruled in a 5-4 decision that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, setting off celebrations nationwide. Opponents — and justices' incensed dissents — suggest the fight isn't over.

Despite Supreme Court Ruling, Americans Remain Split On Same-Sex Marriage

People from around the country react to Friday's Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.

Escaped N.Y. Prisoner Richard Matt Fatally Shot By Police

Richard Matt, one of the escaped inmates from the Clinton Correctional Facility in northern New York, has been killed by police officers, reports say.