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Food Stamp Benefits Set To Shrink

Some 47 million Americans who receive food stamps will see their benefits shrink by an average of 5 percent this week, when additional financing for the food aid program included in the 2009 stimulus expires on Friday.

An Unconventional, But 'Perfect,' Path To Parenthood

Rami Aizic knew he wanted kids. But as a gay man, he was not going to meet the girl of his dreams. Robin Share wanted a child but hadn't met Mr. Right. Then the two found each other, and 14 years later, they have no regrets.

Are Farm Veterinarians Pushing Too Many Antibiotics?

When it comes to antibiotics on the farm, it's not always a win-win. And when there's a fight, veterinarians are right in the middle of it, pushed back and forth by conflicting loyalties.

For The Tablet Generation, A Lesson In Digital Citizenship

As more school districts roll out tablet computers to students, they're debating how much to restrict access to certain websites and games. Some districts shut down wide parts of the Internet, but others are trying to take a more nuanced approach.

Can Starbucks Do For Tea What It Has Done For Coffee?

Starbucks recently bought the Teavana chain and has opened its first tea bar in New York City. Some say the beverage giant's move into tea could hurt small tea shops. But others say they'll be in a good position to compete the way independent coffee shops compete with Starbucks.

Which Plans Cover Abortion? No Answers On

Many health plans under the Affordable Care Act don't cover abortion. But people won't have an easy time figuring out which ones do and which ones don't. Even insurance brokers don't necessarily have that information. It's surfaced as yet another issue dogging the health exchanges rollout.

Appeals Court Gives Texas OK To Enforce Abortion Law

A panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals says the state can go ahead with implementing the new restrictions, which require abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their practice.

Judge Blocks Oversight For NYPD's 'Stop-And-Frisk' Policy

The federal appeals court also removed a judge who ruled on the case in August, saying her media appearances had compromised any appearance of impartiality.

For The Young And Healthy, Health Insurance Is A Hard Sell

The success of the Affordable Care Act rests in part on getting young, healthy people to purchase coverage. But despite marketing attempts to reach them, some young people feel they're too healthy or cash-strapped to buy something they say they're unlikely to need.

More Foreign Firms Look To Make It In The USA

Despite the Great Recession, slow recovery and political dysfunction in Washington, the United States remains a top destination for the world's wealth. The Obama administration is urging foreign business leaders to build more plants and offices in this country.