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First Step In Health Exchange Enrollment: Train The Helpers

Navigators are a key part of the health law rollout. They work at nonprofit organizations, and they're being trained to help people learn about their coverage options. In some areas that training is still going on, even though the exchanges are up and running.

Puberty Is Coming Earlier, But That Doesn't Mean Sex Ed Is

Scientists are still trying to understand why more children are reaching puberty earlier than previous generations. Whatever the cause, many young people find they have questions about their changing bodies long before their teachers broach the topic.

Government Shutdown Takes A Toll Across D.C.

The federal government shut down Tuesday, leaving hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed and many of the nation's landmarks closed. In the nation's capital, many of the memorials and museums that attract tourists are closed, and a lot of the regions workers find themselves with unexpected — and unpaid — time off.

Head Start Shut Down By Government Shutdown

About 19,000 children are affected by the government shutdown. Head Start programs across the country are being forced to shut down as they lose funding from the federal government. Audie Cornish talks to Dora Jones, the director of Cheaha Regional Head Start in Talladega, Ala. Her program is closed Tuesday because of the shutdown.

Ill. Governor Touts Health Exchange Legislature Rejected

On the first day of the new health care marketplaces opening Tuesday, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is touting the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. This, even though he couldn't manage to convince his legislature that the state should run its own exchange, leaving Illinois to partner with the federal government.

A Rapid Shift For Jews Away From Religion, But Not Jewishness

A new survey by the Pew Center found that a growing number of Jews identify as nonreligious and are marrying non-Jews. And despite the shift in religious affiliation, the vast majority say they are proud to be Jewish.

How The Shutdown Is Affecting The Military

Pentagon lawyers are still tinkering with funds and legal interpretations to figure out what services they can offer. One of the challenges for military families is figuring out what's open and closed.

Shutdown Leaves Program Feeding Women And Infants In Lurch

Some state programs serving low-income women with young children at nutritional risk may run out of funding by next week. Other states have enough funding to provide benefits — which average $45 per month — through October.

Agency Websites Shut Down With The Government

If you're trying to look up some key facts on or several other federal sites, you're out of luck. Many government websites, including those for the Library of Congress and USDA, were taken offline.

No Talks Underway To Resolve Shutdown

Democrats appeared to have the initial public opinion advantage on the shutdown. A new Quinnipiac poll found 72 percent opposed to a government shutdown to stop the Affordable Care Act.