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Out Of Portland, A Digital Ripple Hits U.S. News Media

Owners of The Oregonian are shedding the identity of a daily print newspaper and emphasizing digital content instead. The shift has been received with both cheers and outrage nationwide.

Lay Of The Land Looks Steep For Senate Democrats

With the House of Representatives expected to remain in Republican hands, the Senate will be the focus of midterm elections in 2014. The political landscape there appears unfavorable for Democrats.

Mind The Gap (Year): A Break Before College Might Do Some Good

Taking a gap year, postponing the start of college, is becoming more common in the U.S. As Kirk Carapezza reports, more schools are encouraging students to take one — and even helping pay for them.

Arizona's Rep. Pastor, A Democrat, Won't Seek Re-Election

He's held his seat in the House of Representatives since 1991. But today Rep. Ed Pastor, 70, said it was time for him "to seek out a new endeavor."

U.S. Lets 141 Trillion Calories Of Food Go To Waste Each Year

Americans wasted 31 percent of all food that was available in 2010, the USDA reports. For the first time, the agency calculated what that means in terms of calories, too.

Federal Judge Rules Kentucky Must Recognize Gay Marriages

The decision strikes down parts of Kentucky's ban on gay marriage. The state attorney general is weighing whether to appeal the decision.

Pentagon Cuts Promise Political Pain

Cutting defense spending is about as popular as proposing Social Security cuts. In other words, not very. But it must be done despite the politics, say officials who have helped close military bases.

Stethoscopes Do As Much Dirty Work As Hands In Spreading Germs

Doctors are supposed to wash their hands before touching a patient. But that stethoscope draped around the doctor's neck may be loaded with bacteria, too. Cleaning it would help, researchers say.

In Parts Of Vermont, Heroin Is 'The Easiest Drug To Get'

Vermont might be known as an idyll of small towns and maple syrup, but it's also dealing with a major heroin crisis. Journalist Gina Tron, who grew up there, says it doesn't surprise her.

Chokwe Lumumba: From 'Radical' To 'Revolutionary'

Jackson Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Lumumba passed away this week. Host Michel Martin learns more about the civil rights attorney and the activists he mentored.