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Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral Draws Mourners From Around The Country

The funeral for slain police officer Rafael Ramos was held today. Ramos, along with his partner, was gunned down by a man said to be avenging the killings of black men at the hands of police.

In New York, Some Police Funeral Rites Go Back To The Civil War

Today's funeral service in New York for the two police officers killed last week is part of a long tradition in that city — with modern-day additions like helicopters flying in formation.

Help (Still) Wanted: A Plumber For A Rural Town In Maine

In August, a couple in Jackman, Maine, created a scholarship for a student willing to train as a plumber and come back to work in the rural town. Months later, no student has taken the plunge.

California Drought Hit Farmers, Farm Workers Especially Hard In 2014

Cannon Michael, a sixth-generation farmer in Los Banos, Calif., tells NPR's Arun Rath how he lost almost 20 percent of his typical revenue and was forced to lay off several workers.

In West Virginia, Fear About Safety Of Drinking Water Persists

A chemical spill earlier this year tainted the drinking water for residents throughout the Charleston region. NPR's Arun Rath talks to resident Nakeysha Bennett, whose son was born just two weeks after the spill.

In Southwestern Pennsylvania, Some Heroin Problems Persist

In January 2014, more than 22 people in the region died from drug overdoses linked to especially potent heroin. NPR's Arun Rath gets an update from Dr. Neil Capretto, medical director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pittsburgh.

Finding A Jury Of Your Peers Actually Is Pretty Complicated

Prospective jurors can be dismissed for lateness, the financial burden of taking off work, or any number of other reasons. Add race as a consideration and jury selection can take weeks to complete.

Police, Politicians, Gather In New York For Ramos Funeral

Officer Rafael Ramos is being remembered at a service at Christ Tabernacle Church in Queens a week after he and his partner were fatally shot in an unprovoked attack.

For Cubans In Key West, A Longing To Fill In 'Gaps Of Who We Are'

Some Cuban-American families are rejoicing at the possibility of visiting their homeland, but not everyone has embraced President Obama's new policy toward the island nation.

Top Somali Extremist Leader Reportedly Surrenders

Reports vary as to whether al-Shabab's Zakariye Ismail Ahmed Hersi turned himself in or was captured in a raid. The U.S. had placed a $3 million bounty on the leading Islamist extremist.