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Immerse Yourself In SOAK's Tender, Unsettled Debut Record

The first words Bridie Monds-Watson sings on her debut album double as a tidy thesis statement: "A teenage heart is an unguided dart." The Irish singer-songwriter records under the name SOAK.

Review: 'Monterey,' The Milk Carton Kids

With their new album, Monterey, The Milk Carton Kids are hoping to be a part of your summer driving songs.

When This 9-Year-Old Pianist Plays, He Feels The Music

NPR's Robert Siegel sits down with Oscar Paz Suaznabar, who has played at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and on the NPR show From The Top.

Eilen Jewell, The Half-Broke Horse Of Idaho, Returns Home

"It's a ghost town, essentially," Jewell says of her hometown. "I mean, that's how it's listed on the map. It's about as Western as it gets."

Revisiting The Crystal Clarity Created By The 'Decca Sound' Revolution

In the 1940s, recording engineers perfected new sound techniques that were used in World War II — and which launched a hi-fi revolution. Lloyd Schwartz reviews the new 53-CD Decca box set.

Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

We asked our panel of public-radio hosts to share their favorite new tracks. The resulting mix includes a Swedish R&B singer, a rising L.A. country star and an 18-year-old rapper.

'Desired Effect' Reveals How Important Family Is To Rocker Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers is the frontman for the band the Killers, and he makes his own music in between albums his group puts out. David Greene talks to Flowers about his new solo album: "The Desired Effect."

Review: 'In The Beginning,' Wes Montgomery

A new anthology called In the Beginning chronicles the sound of Wes Montgomery, one of the most influential guitar players of all time, in his early years.

A Mother-Son Folk Duo Went 'From The Kitchen To David Letterman'

Madisen Ward and his mother, Ruth Ward—better known as Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear—have been performing together for six years, but have only recently begun to attract national attention.

An Invasion Of Intimacy, And The Song That Followed

Experimental artist Holly Herndon, who mashes up collected sounds, dance music and pop, reflects on society's relationship with technology on her new album, Platform.