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What's Worth $45 Million — Or More? One Viola

The sale of the most expensive musical instrument in history could be announced Wednesday. And it's a viola. (Will the viola jokes stop now?)

Sold For Over $2 Million: A Draft, A Few Doodles And A 'Rolling Stone'

Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics for "Like a Rolling Stone" on the stationery of an old hotel in Washington, D.C. The working draft was expected to sold Tuesday at auction for more than $2 million.

Draft Of Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' Sells For $2 Million

The scribbled lyrics of one of the most iconic rock songs of all time are recorded on hotel stationery and contain a number of alternative lines as well as doodles of animals.

Mary Gauthier De-Romanticizes Romantic Love

Trouble & Love is about a relationship that went bad. "I think that this is one where Mary finally gets the lesson," Gauthier tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

Think Before You Clap: You Could Be Beat Deaf

Some people just can't keep a beat. A Montreal neuroscientist describes the problem as a "musical brain disorder" rather than a mere problem of coordination.

To The Left, To The Left: Behind The Beyoncelogues

Actress Nina Millin, who performs Beyonce lyrics as monologues, speaks with NPR's Audie Cornish about how a karaoke failure blossomed into a series of viral performances.

Hugh Masekela Reminisces On Musical Motivations, Mandela

South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela is one of the giants of his continent's music. In this encore broadcast, host Michel Martin sits down with Masekela to discuss his life and work.

Anika Noni Rose Gets 'Hype' To 'Radioactive'

Anika Noni Rose was nominated for a Tony Award this year for her performance in A Rasin in the Sun. For Tell Me More's series 'In Your Ear' she shares the music that helps keep her fit and focused.

How Does A Jam Band Write Songs? We Asked Phish

Those spiraling, psychedelic sound journeys have to start somewhere. All Things Considered asked the members of Phish to explain their process — and their answer is more systematic than you'd expect.

Jennifer Lopez Flips The Gender Script For Album No. 10

Jennifer Lopez is more than a musician and an actress: She is a brand. NPR's Lynn Neary speaks with Lopez about her latest artistic endeavor, a new album called A.K.A.