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How To Create A Song: Lake Street Dive Style

The band Lake Street Dive struggled in its early days to use its jazz education without scaring off audiences. For inspiration, they turned to another band, known for transforming the sound of pop.

Years After 'The Killing Moon,' Echo & The Bunnymen Still At It

The band Echo & The Bunnymen has released its first new album in five years, called Meteorites. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with frontman Ian McCulloch about the release.

The Kentucky Sisters And Old-Time Tunes As Doorways To History

Though not yet 30, The Kentucky Sisters sing songs that date back to the 1920s. Along the way, they've found that a little emotional involvement can make learning history a lot more fun.

To Sign Or Not To Sign: Artists Big And Small Face The Label Question

Land a deal with a label or put out records on your own: Both options carry big risks. For musicians today there's a middle ground, but getting your songs in front of people will still cost you.

Even Broadway Has Its B-Sides: The Lost Songs Of Sheldon Harnick

Sheldon Harnick, the lyricist of Fiddler on the Roof and Fiorello!, wrote dozens of songs for those shows and others that never saw the stage.

Longtime Rockers NRBQ Get Down To 'Brass Tacks' In New Album

Founder and frontman Terry Adams speaks with NPR's Kelly McEvers about teaming up with new musicians, battling throat cancer and keeping things fun.

Raffi Returns To Recording With A New Album For Kids

NPR's Tamara Keith picks up her banana phone to talk with beloved musician Raffi Cavoukian about his first children's album in 12 years, Love Bug.

The Quiet Sound Of Luluc, Sparked By Punk Rock

Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett, of the Aussie folk group Luluc, say that punk music inspires the introspective and forlorn melodies on their new album, Passerby. They speak with NPR's Tamara Keith.

A Former Megadeth Guitarist's Journey To Japanese Pop

How did one man go from shredding guitar for a platinum-selling thrash metal band to playing alongside Japan's fluffiest pop bands? It wasn't a mistake.

In Big Bill Broonzy's Blues, Brothers Find A Way To Sing Together

Dave and Phil Alvin have made their first full album together in nearly 30 years, a tribute to one of their early influences. Originally broadcast June 11, 2014.