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In 10 Songs, A Pair Of Brothers Beat Tracks Across History

Ethan Johns' sophomore album, The Reckoning, follows the tale of two brothers as they travel across the 1850s American frontier.

In Stockton, Calif., Punks Are The New Mall Rats

Abandoned storefronts in strip malls are common here in one of the largest cities to file for bankruptcy. But one abandoned storefront plays host to a thriving punk indie music scene.

Help Find The Man Who Inspired Passenger's 'Riding To New York'

A chance encounter with a cancer-stricken man on a motorbike had an impact on singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg. But Rosenberg, who records under the name Passenger, never tracked down his identity.

Musical Interlude: Pianist Wows Passengers At Prague Airport

A traveler wins fans in an airport terminal — and online — by playing different versions of Beethoven's "Für Elise."

Album Review: 'Beware The Fetish'

Fifteen different musicians from five different ethnic groups have gathered to create music under the name Kasai Allstars. Banning Eyre reviews Beware the Fetish, the latest album from the collective, which hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

'Calling All Fans': Korean Pop Invasion Rallies Americans In LA

Korean pop music, or "K-pop," is gathering popularity in the U.S. There's no better place to see that on display than KCON, an annual K-pop festival in downtown Los Angeles.

First Listen: 'Tudo' By Bebel Gilberto

Tudo is the latest album from Bebel Gilberto, who began singing at seven years old with her father bossa nova great Joao Gilberto. This latest CD is an artful contribution to Bebel Gilberto's career.

Fifty Years Of 'Farmer John': A Hit That Opened The Door For Chicano Rock

Before the summer of 1964, major labels had little interest in Mexican-American bands. Then came The Premiers.

Who's The Boss? Sinead O'Connor Has A New Answer

In an extended interview, the singer addresses exploitation in the music industry, her own troubled childhood and what she's learned from Beyoncé, Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin.

Pump Up The Bass, Feel Like A Boss

A new study found that listening to music with heavy bass lines — think "We Will Rock You" and "In Da Club" — makes people feel more powerful.