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A Spicey British Invasion Began 20 Years Ago This Week

Renee Montagne and David Greene remember when the Spice Girls released their debut single in Europe. Scary, Posh, Baby, Sporty and Ginger would soon spice up the American music industry.

Lock Screen: At These Music Shows, Phones Go In A Pouch And Don't Come Out

The Lumineers are among many artists frustrated by people on their mobile devices during performances. Their singer explains why they're asking fans to lock up their phones with a new technology.

A Tribute To The Late American Composer Eubie Blake

Blake's music is featured in the Broadway revival, Shuffle Along. Our tribute features live performances of his songs and interviews with pianist Dick Hyman, among others. Originally broadcast in '98.
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Mary Chapin Carpenter On Her 14th Album, "The Things That We Are Made Of" (Rebroadcast)

Mary Chapin Carpenter joins Diane to talk about her new album, the "artistic insight of middle age" and rewriting her life story in new ways.


Revisiting Hip-Hop Version Of The 'Morning Edition' Theme Song

Renee Montagne plays back a hip hop version of the Morning Edition theme submitted by the hip-hop group Jazzy Triggs. (This piece originally aired on May 26, 2016 on Morning Edition.)

July 4 Is The Perfect Day To Reveal Summer-Feel 'Morning Edition' Theme

Renee Montagne shares a version of the Morning Edition theme that has a beach pop sound. This version was created by Mike Boggs.

From Country Kiss-Offs To Bummer Jams, 5 Songs For Summer

We can't tell you what the song of the summer will be — but here are five new songs you should put on your barbecue playlist.

'Morning Edition' Technical Director Rocks Out With Show's Theme Song

Renee Montagne shares a rock version of the Morning Edition theme song recorded by NPR technical director Brian Jarboe.

A Chat With The Painter Whose Work Inspired Kanye West's 'Famous'

All Vincent Desiderio knew when he agreed to fly to Los Angeles was that West was a fan of his work. Twenty-four hours later, he found out just how deep the rapper's appreciation went.

In 'Black Stars,' Xenia Rubinos Memorializes Many Lives In One

Conceived as a tribute to her late father, the song took on a new meaning for Rubinos when she considered its lyrics in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.