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Inside The Wall: Pink Floyd's 'Final' Album Is Process On Display

While The Endless River may not satisfy song-hungry fans, it does make clear the group's knack for lush textural explorations.

'Concert For Valor' Honors Veterans' Contributions

Tens of thousands of people will be on the National Mall Tuesday night for a Veterans Day event called "The Concert for Valor."
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In D.C., The Best Jam Sessions Don’t Involve Jam Bands

D.C. jazz musicians have been building quite a jam-session scene recently.


Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

Download a free sampler of tunes hand-selected by our panel of public-radio hosts, including new music from Oil Boom, Damien Rice, Melody's Echo Chamber and Lost Midas.

Accordionist Interprets French Waltz Tradition In 'Musette Explosion'

Will Holshouser has played all kinds of music on the accordion, including Cajun, avant garde jazz and indie rock. He joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross in her studio to play features from his new album.

Richard Branson Fails To Get Led Zeppelin Back Together

The Virgin Atlantic billionaire reportedly offered the group $800 million. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones signed on, but lead singer Robert Plant did not have a "Whole Lotta Love" for the idea.

Why The Caged Bird Raps

Caged Bird Songs pairs some of the late Maya Angelou's poems and lyrics to hip-hop beats — but producer Shawn Rivera says the rhythms were already there.

'The Black Horn': Blowing Past Classical Music's Color Barriers

Robert Lee Watt, the first black French horn player to join a major U.S. symphony, spent 37 years with the LA Philharmonic. He faced a lot of resistance along the way, as his new memoir recounts.

In Berlin, A Beat That Bloomed From Rubble

Today Berlin is a techno hot spot. The scene has its roots in the fall of the Berlin Wall, when young people from East and West got together in abandoned buildings to dance and celebrate together.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Reaches Labor Deal With Musicians

The Grammy award-winning ensemble will open the first concert of its 70th anniversary season with Beethoven's ninth symphony, the "Ode to Joy."