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Sober And Sold-Out: Dance Club In Sweden Cuts Booze For A Night

Breathalyzers were placed in the doorway of a nightclub in Stockholm this weekend, with an unusual purpose: to ensure no guests had been drinking any booze.

The Atlanta Symphony Lockout Continues, Musicians Picket On Peachtree Street

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was supposed to open its fall season last week but, in a scenario that has become familiar, contentious contract negotiations led to a lockout of musicians.

Digging Through The Latin Grammy Nominations: Who's Worth Checking Out

Alt.Latino co-hosts Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd stop by to talk Latin Grammy nominations.

Album Takes Marty Stuart From Saturday Rock To Sunday Gospel

From the honky-tonk to the house of worship, country music legend Marty Stuart's got you covered. NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks to Stuart about his new double album, Saturday Night And Sunday Morning.

Moon Hooch's 'Cave Music,' As Funky As It Is Unlikely

The trio Moon Hooch got its start on the subway platforms of New York City, trying to recreate the sounds and energy of dance club music with two horns and a drum set.

Mac Wiseman Returns To The Songs Of His Childhood

The 89-year-old Mac Wiseman gained fame for his relaxed, articulate style and ability to adapt to many genres. On a new album, he dusts off a few family heirlooms.

Kat Edmonson: 'I Hear Myself As An Instrument'

The singer, whose voice is often compared to Billie Holiday's, says she can't accept that honor right out — but that she and Holiday do share a similar understanding of the role of the voice.

New Boston Symphony Music Director Andris Nelsons: 'It's Not A Job — It's Life'

The 35-year-old Latvian conductor brings a sincerity and enthusiasm to his position, marking the end of a three-year period of uncertainty for one of America's oldest and most respected ensembles.

First Listen: 'Become Ocean' By John Luther Adams

NPR's classical producers Tom Huizenga and Anastasia Tsioulcas discuss a composition by U.S. composer John Luther Adams. "Become Ocean" is a symphonic piece that take its cues from the natural world.

Remembering Mandolin Hero U. Srinivas

The gifted Indian musician died Sept. 19 at just 45. Hear his music and celebrate his unlikely achievement — bringing a Western instrument into the heart of South Indian classical music.