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Latin Indie Groups Cover Ricky Martin Hits

NPR's Linda Wertheimer gets the latest in great Latin music from Alt.Latino's Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd.

Hip-Hop In Print: Brooklyn Publisher Looks To 'Reverse Gentrify' Literature

Prodigy, one half of the hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, is the curator of Infamous Books, an imprint of Brooklyn-based independent publisher Akashic Books. His debut novel H.N.I.C. was published in 2013.

Anthony D'Amato: A Songsmith Schooled By A Master Poet

As a student at Princeton, D'Amato was mentored in his songwriting by professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon.

Taking The Tuba Above And Beyond The Low End

The tuba was the first bass instrument in jazz, until it was replaced by the string bass. For nearly 50 years, Bob Stewart has been trying to carve out a new niche for his instrument in modern jazz.
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Recording the Capital: A Musical History of D.C. (Rebroadcast)

The musical history of the Washington area goes deeper than Duke Ellington and Chuck Brown. But much of the music recorded here in the 20th century, from early rock and roll to bluegrass to jazz, was forgotten about long ago. Kojo chats with Jay Bruder, the host of "The Hometown Special" on WAMU's Bluegrass Country, about the recorded musical history of the nation's capital.


Cory Branan: A 'No-Hit Wonder,' Making Small-Batch Country Music

Branan's lonesome road anthems aren't likely to make him a Top 40 star. He tells NPR's Melissa Block he's learned to be content playing a smaller game.

At 71, Elvin Bishop Is Still Vigorous, And Can Do Wrong Right

The white bluesman whose corny jokes have made his music enduring and fun has a new album Can't Even Do Wrong Right. He has a raspy chuckle in his singing, and he plays the guitar precisely.

Shovels & Rope: In Marriage And Music, A 'Psychic' Bond

Relationships are complicated, and as Cary Ann Hearst says of her marriage and musical partner Michael Trent, "It's a strange thing to be held accountable as part of the musical act."

Son Records A Testimonial To Muddy Water's Electric Blues

NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks Mud Morganfield, son of blues legend Muddy Waters, along with harmonica great Kim Wilson, about their new album of Muddy music, For Pops: A Tribute to Muddy Waters.

The Private Eye Who Made Cool Jazz His Calling Card

The late-'50s detective series Peter Gunn was popular, but Henry Mancini's music for it became iconic. NPR's Linda Wertheimer finds out what makes the jazzy score so indelible.