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T-Bone Burnett On World Cafe

Hear an interview with the legendary producer, who reflects on some of the famous albums he's helped make, including Raising Sand and the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

Tom Waits: The Fresh Air Interview

The darkness of Tom Waits' lyrics is accentuated by the rumble and rasp of his voice, which sounded old even when he was young. On Bad Like Me, Waits reflects on loneliness, life, death and heartbreak. Here, he talks to Terry Gross about performing, being a father and writing his haunting melodies.

The U.S. Army's Rock 'N' Roll Past

In the late 1960s and early '70s, a handful of active-duty service members formed their own pop bands, which toured and recorded with the military's official backing. Those records were long considered lost, before a few resurfaced in the past decade.

Lisa Hannigan's Path To Gorgeous

The Irish singer discusses recording her new album, Passenger, for an audience of one, and performs live in the NPR studio.

David Dye On 20 Years Of 'World Cafe'

The Philadelphia radio show has showcased some 4,000 artists since hitting the airwaves two decades ago. Host David Dye says there's one thing they all share: great stories.

Justin Timberlake On Music, Comedy And Wearing Out His NPR T-Shirt

Justin Timberlake's new movie is all about man who can trade time like money. With his adventures in comedy, music, and acting, it's hard to believe Timberlake himself has much time to spare.