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Tanlines: Grown-Up Problems, With A Beat

On its highly danceable debut, the Brooklyn duo reasons that growing older often means accepting a certain level of uncertainty.

Doo-Wop Dies Another Little Death As Store Closes

The style of music known as doo-wop had at least two heydays: One in the 1950s and '60s, when the music was first recorded, and again during a revival in the '70s, thanks in part to nostalgic movies such as American Graffiti and Grease. But doo-wop is in a slump again, and one of its beacons is about to close its doors after decades in business.

Esperanza Spalding: Jazz As 'Radio Music'

The bassist and 2011 Grammy winner for Best New Artist explores the link between jazz and African-American identity on a new album.

On 'Port Of Morrow,' The Shins Sail Back To The 1970s

Singer, songwriter and driving creative force James Mercer discusses changing lineups and embracing vintage sounds on a long-awaited new album.

Moot Davis: A Rocker With A Honky-Tonk Heart

The guitarist grew up in New Jersey but absorbed the country music his West Virginian parents loved. His new album is Man About Town.