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Friday, November 2, 2012

Bluegrass Country Concert: Celebration Of 45 Years

Bluegrass Country is celebrating 45 years of programming with a live concert at the George Washington University Lisner Auditorium.

Taylor Swift, Princess Of Punk?

What exactly does the country star's new single, a kiss-off to an unworthy ex called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," have in common with angry punk rock? Plenty.

Janka Nabay: The King Of Bubu Music

Forced into exile from Sierra Leone, Nabay now makes his mysterious, mesmerizing music in Brooklyn.

Sara Watkins On World Cafe

The singer and former Nickel Creek fiddler is back with her second solo album, Sun Midnight Sun.

Tim Storms Holds Record For Lowest Sung Note

Tim Storms has broken the world record twice for the lowest sung note ever recorded. He recently won a competition to sing a low E, more than two octaves below middle C, on a new album by composer Paul Mealor, called, Tranquility: Voices of Deep Calm with the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir.

Scott McKenzie, Who Sang 'San Francisco' In The Summer Of Love, Dies

The gentle song became a hit and captured the spirit of what was happening in San Francisco that year. McKenzie was 73.

Arizona Dranes, Forgotten Mother Of The Gospel Beat

Dranes was a blind black pianist who shook the foundations of gospel in the 1920s by introducing secular styles like barrelhouse and ragtime into spiritual music.