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How Rashida Jones Found Her Inner Music Nerd

A child of Hollywood royalty explains how, in her childhood, one band opened her mind to "the mathematics of music."

Van Hunt On World Cafe

The inventive soul singer is back with a new concert album, Live at the Troubadour 2011.
Friday, November 2, 2012

Bluegrass Country Concert: Celebration Of 45 Years

Bluegrass Country is celebrating 45 years of programming with a live concert at the George Washington University Lisner Auditorium.

Taylor Swift, Princess Of Punk?

What exactly does the country star's new single, a kiss-off to an unworthy ex called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," have in common with angry punk rock? Plenty.

Janka Nabay: The King Of Bubu Music

Forced into exile from Sierra Leone, Nabay now makes his mysterious, mesmerizing music in Brooklyn.

Sara Watkins On World Cafe

The singer and former Nickel Creek fiddler is back with her second solo album, Sun Midnight Sun.