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Remembering Etta James, Stunning Singer

The "Matriarch of the Blues" had grit in her voice that could melt like sugar or rub like salt in a wound. The great vocalist, whose turbulent life broke through in her affecting delivery, has died at age 73.

Remembering Bandleader And Producer Johnny Otis

Bandleader and producer Johnny Otis, who launched and then nurtured the careers of many of R&B's greatest singers, died Tuesday at his home near Los Angeles. He was 90. Fresh Air remembers Otis with excerpts from a 1989 interview.

Katy Perry's Perfect Game

How much money did Katy Perry's label make last year? We did the math.

Megaupload Shut Down By The FBI

An indictment charges the file-sharing site with copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering.

Were You 'Born To Run'? Springsteen As Workout Motivator

An NPR personality and a Florida mailman agree: When it's time to hit the pavement, there's no better cheerleader than The Boss.

Johnny Otis, Rhythm And Blues Pioneer, Has Died

The bandleader, radio and TV host and composer who wrote "Willie And The Hand Jive" also discovered many of R&B's greatest voices. Otis died Tuesday in his Los Angeles home.