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John Fullbright: How To Connect 'From The Ground Up'

It's a good sign when you get 11 songs into an album and the quality remains high.
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Mourners Wait For Details On Chuck Brown's Memorial Service

As impromptu memorials and celebrations pop up throughout the city, Chuck Brown devotees are calling for the District to hold a very public memorial service so the city can mourn the late "Godfather of Go-Go."


Bee Gee Robin Gibb Dies Of Cancer At 62

Robin and his brothers Barry and Maurice Gibb racked up dozens of hit songs in their five decade career. Gibb died after a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery, his spokesperson confirmed via a statement.

Adam Lambert: 'I Want To Sing It Big'

An American Idol runner-up and its first openly gay contender, Lambert has transitioned neatly into the role of a pop star.

Behind The Shades: Slash Tries To 'Figure This Thing Out'

The former lead guitarist of the legendary band Guns N' Roses is a musician with a sound and look all his own. After all the success — and vice — Slash says he's still a work in progress.

John Mayer: Restoring An Image, And An Instrument

Two years after a media controversy that sent him retreating from the spotlight, Mayer has a new album and is beginning to resurface. But a new obstacle has arisen in the meantime — a health condition that may keep him from performing for months to come.