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We Are Augustines: Old Wounds Inspire Recovery Songs

Songwriter Billy McCarthy turned to music after a childhood rocked by suicide and mental illness. He speaks with NPR's Laura Sullivan about the band's debut album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships.

Romeo Santos: Taking Bachata Mainstream

The lead singer of Aventura, the hottest band on the Latin charts, has a solo album and a TV show.

Peggy Sue: Mining The Dark And The Discordant

There's nobody named Peggy Sue — or even a Margaret or a Susan, for that matter — in the British folk-rock band. But there is a young trio comfortable with plugging in and evoking macabre moods. Singers Rosa Slade and Katy Young explain.

Paul Simon On World Cafe

Simon's music can feel timeless even when it's filled with new ideas. His latest work, So Beautiful or So What, explores universal truths about spirituality, life and death.

A.A. Bondy: Making His Own World

Three albums into his folk rebirth, the former rocker feels like he's finally come into his own.

Turkey, Cranberries And Composers At The Table

Commentator Miles Hoffman invites an eclectic group of long-gone composers to Thanksgiving dinner.