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Fool's Gold On World Cafe

Synthesizing influences from Africa, the Middle East and Brazil, the band assembles fragments of a broad cultural sensibility to create music that's utterly joyful.

J. Cole: An Upstart Rapper Speaks For Himself

The North Carolina MC — German-born, emotionally forthright and a magna cum laude college graduate — says integrity and individuality are essential to the future of hip-hop.

Paul Brady On World Cafe

The singer-songwriter's acclaim extends beyond his reputation as one of Ireland's most loved artists. He's renowned worldwide as one of folk music's greats.

The SMiLE Sessions: A Window Into The Beach Boys

SMiLE may be the most famous unreleased album of all time, but it's not really unreleased: Bits and pieces of it wound up on other Beach Boys albums. Now that EMI has assembled a definitive collection of the session tracks, Ed Ward has listened to them — and wonders what the shouting was about.

Jeffrey Lewis: Cosmic And Tongue-In-Cheek 'Dream-Songs'

The prolific anti-folk singer-songwriter — who's also a comic-book artist — is a likable supernerd.