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R. Kelly's Queer, Campy 'Closet' Reopens

The R&B singer recently unveiled new chapters in his Trapped in the Closet series, a hybrid of music video and soap opera whose narrative is powered by sexual secrets.

Electric Guest on World Cafe

Asa Taccone, the Danger Mouse-produced songwriter, performs four songs and speaks with World Cafe host David Dye.

Kennedy Center's New Organ No Longer A Pipe Dream

The old organ was in bad shape and beyond repair. Now, after more than two years of construction and installation, a new organ has arrived and will make its debut on Nov. 27.


State Department: Andrew W.K. Won't Party In Bahrain On Government Dime

After early reports that the singer known for party anthems like "Party Til You Puke," was headed to the restive Gulf country hosted by the U.S. embassy, the State Department decided it wasn't an appropriate use of government money.

Jason Kao Hwang: From The Blues To China And Back

The violinist attempts to mix jazz, classical and traditional Chinese music with his octet on Burning Bridge.

Songwriter Paloma Faith's 'Fall To Grace'

The half-Spanish, half-English musician is known for her eclectic style — quite possibly a result of her time working as a magician's assistant and burlesque dancer.