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The Forgotten Story Of Memphis' American Studios

Memphis has been a music town since anyone can remember, and it's had places to record that music since there have been records. Some of its studios — Sun, Stax and Hi — are well-known, but American Studios produced its share of hits, and yet remains obscure.

Pet Shop Boys Leave 'West End' To Explore 'Elysium'

Many people were reminded of the synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys when they helped close out the 2012 Olympic Games in London with their biggest hit, "West End Girls." The duo, however, has continued to make new music since forming in 1981, and have just released their 11th studio album, Elysium.

The Raveonettes: The Sound Of Surfing In The Rain

The Danish-born rock duo has settled in New York and Los Angeles, but its members say they still view America through the eyes of voyeurs. The band's new album is titled Observator.

Dave Matthews On His Band's 'Unique Sort Of Love Affair'

After two decades of the Dave Matthews Band, the singer-guitarist says working with the same people remains an engaging challenge. Here, he discusses the group's new album, Away From the World, and performs two of its songs.

Sauti Sol: Native Sons Sing Straight To Kenya's Youth

In a scene dominated by party music, Kenya's most popular band has created its own sound, and in the process sent a grown-up message to the country's young people.

Animal Collective On World Cafe

Hear the inventive, experimental rock band perform new songs, including the unreleased "Crimson."