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From Knee-To-Knee To CD: The Evolution Of Oral Tradition In Mountain Ballads

Mountain ballads have been a part of American mountain culture since the earliest English and Scottish settlers moved there more than 200 years ago. They were passed down through the oral tradition, as they were in reporter Laurin Penland's family --but that tradition is close to extinct in the U.S.

Spotify Is Good For The Music Industry, Its CEO Says

The 28-year-old founder of the subscription music service stands by his company's business model.

The Black Keys: Necessary Roughness

Members of the blues-rock band say playing live in the same room is vital to getting the sound they want on record — and that often means embracing imperfections.

Chuck Berry's Cadillac A-Rollin' To The Smithsonian

When rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry navigated his music career, he didn't rely on agents or record labels; he drove himself to business meetings in his fleet of Cadillacs. Berry has just donated one of them, a red 1973 Eldorado, to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Olof Arnalds: An Icelandic Take On Heartland Rock

The experimental rock singer says she found her own way to English-language pop music.

For The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul, A Sequel About Strength

When Mary J. Blige first shook up the world of R&B with My Life, she sang about pain — about an abusive relationship, addiction and depression. Seventeen years later, My Life II is out, and its message has a different tune.