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In A Clouded World, The CD Can 'Stay'

Twelve years ago, the band Jim's Big Ego was trying something new to get its tunes to fans: uploading them to the Internet. Today, lead singer Jim Infantino still thinks digital music is "neat," though the digital landscape has certainly changed.

Big K.R.I.T.: Big Heart, Thick Drawl

Female-soul backup and defiant pride are also part of the Mississippi rapper's appeal.

James Burton: The Teen Who Invented American Guitar

You've heard guitarist James Burton even if you don't know it. Ever since he was 15, he's been recording behind a bewildering number of artists, from Ricky Nelson to Ray Charles. He also managed to put out some records on his own. Rock historian Ed Ward shares his story.
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Chuck Brown Memorial Services Scheduled For Next Week

Memorial services for go-go legend Chuck Brown have been scheduled for next week.


Eurovision 2012: The Babushkas Make It To The Final

This week, Europeans can forget about the debt crisis and politics for a moment. Six grandmothers, a half-Congolese Ukrainian singer and Eleftheria Eleftheriou are competing in the international singing competition held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Janiva Magness On World Cafe

The blues singer talks about music informed by tragedy — and plays songs from her new album, Stronger For It, live in the studio.