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How Mexico Learned To Polka

Renee Montagne speaks with Felix Contreras, co-host of NPR's Alt.Latino, about the link between Tex-Mex music and Eastern European waltzes and polkas.

A Jazz Pianist Taps Armenian Folk, Metal Riffs And A Sense Of History

Be it progressive metal bands like Tool and Meshuggah or a 19th-century poet who died at 21, jazz artist Tigran Hamaysan mines all kinds of influences to arrive at a signature sound.

The Seratones Rock The Tiny Desk With A Jungle Beat

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to AJ Haynes and Adam Davis of the Louisiana rock band Seratones. The group had a entry to the recent NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest, though they didn't win the final prize.

Making Records Is 'Not A Race' For Modest Mouse

Singer and guitarist Isaac Brock speaks with Arun Rath about Strangers to Ourselves, the group's first album in eight years — and what he's learned in the meantime about being in bands.

From The Shadows Of Apartheid, Three Singers Bring Their Voices To The States

This week, American listeners will get introduction to the Bala Brothers, a sibling trio who broke color barriers and became three of the best-known voices in South Africa.

These Tunes Are Music To Your Cats' Furry Ears

Composer David Teie's most recent compositions are catered to our feline friends. His music mimics purring, and might be just the thing to perk your cat up.

Saying Goodbye To A Manhattan Classical Music Mecca

The last store in Manhattan devoted exclusively to classical sheet music is closing its doors today — having been lapped by online retailers and free file sharing.

A 'Girl In A Band': Kim Gordon On Life After Sonic Youth

Gordon co-founded Sonic Youth with Thurston Moore. When their marriage broke up in 2011, so did the band. Gordon talks about rebuilding her life, writing her memoir and her new band Body/Head.

Music Review: 'Soyo' By Dom La Nena

Dom La Nena is a singer and cellist from Brazil. But the 24-year-old artist draws inspiration from her travels around the world and sings in four different languages on her sophomore album, Soyo.

Love, Fear, And Lady Lamb: A New Album, And A New Openness

As a teenager, Aly Spaltro came up with the whimsical stage name Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. Though she still performs as Lady Lamb, Spaltro is growing up and becoming more comfortable being herself.