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Weapon Of Choice: Why The Stratocaster Survives

When an instrument sounds as good playing Daft Punk as it does Lawrence Welk, you know it's got something. The Strat just turned 60, but it's barely aged a day.

Wilko Johnson Set Out To Make One Final Album, But It Didn't Work Out That Way

Facing a fatal diagnosis, Wilko Johnson made what was to be his final album with singer Roger Daltrey of The Who. Then doctors intervened. "Maybe," Daltrey says, "there's a Part 2 to this record."

Encore: A Basic Training Workout Mix

We're again asking listeners to tweet us their favorite workout tunes. In 2012, we asked people about what music makes them move. (This piece initially aired on May 8, 2012 on Morning Edition).

Hear Long-Lost Rock 'N' Roll From The Native American Heartland

Native North America, Vol. 1 sketches out an entire chapter of American music that, remarkably and shamefully, largely had been lost until now.

Ahmad Jamal, 'A Musical Architect Of The Highest Order,' Keeps On Building

At 84, the acclaimed jazz pianist is still recording and touring. Among his many achievements is one that often eludes even the most beloved jazz artists: mainstream popularity.

At 90, 'Fiddler' Lyricist Tells His Story

"Any successful lyricist has to be part playwright and has to be able to put himself into the minds and the hearts and the souls of the characters," Sheldon Harnick tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

Remembering Joe Cocker, One Of Rock's Most Distinctive Voices

British soul singer Joe Cocker died last week at age 70. In his memory, we rebroadcast parts of his 2012 interview with NPR's Rachel Martin.

John McNeil, A Trumpeter Robbed Of His Breath, Blows Again

McNeil suffered from a neural disorder that prevented him from performing for decades at a time. But thanks to a medical study, he's regained enough coordination to form a new band, called Hush Point.

For Pieta Brown, Music Is A Father-Daughter Dance

As a child, Brown had to connect with her folk singer dad, Greg Brown, from a distance. Now, as adults and peers, their musical lives are intertwined.

A Week With Musical Storytellers Of The Silver Screen

Music can give movies special power. Hear NPR's Robert Siegel speak with the composers behind Life of Pi, Whiplash, Chocolat, Halloween and Finding Nemo.