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World Cafe Looks Back: Coldplay

Trace the band's maturation with three interviews from this past decade — including a recent visit to World Cafe to discuss its new, Brian Eno-produced dance-rock record, Mylo Xyloto.

Creole Choir Boasts Roots In Haiti, Fame In Cuba

Deemed 'exhilarating' and 'celebratory' by music critics, the Creole Choir of Cuba has brought, to the world stage, sounds and rhythms of Haiti's immigrant community in Cuba. The group's 10 members are descendants of West Africans who were enslaved in the Caribbean. They sing songs of their ancestors, infusing them with contemporary sounds. They're on their first major U.S. tour. In a performance chat, Michel Martin hosts the choir, their director Emilia Diaz Chavez and their tour manager Kelso Riddell.

Jane's Addiction: Breaking With A Turbulent Past

Three of the band's four original members have reunited for the new album The Great Escape Artist. Singer Perry Farrell says he doesn't spend much time thinking about the group's legacy.

Arts Giving Is Up, But Hold The Applause

While the overall U.S. economy seems to be stuck in neutral, one bright spot is that charitable giving to the arts is up 5 percent more than last year. It's good news, but a new study cautions that much of that support serves audiences that are wealthier and whiter than the country as a whole.

Kitty, Daisy And Lewis: English Siblings With Vintage Taste

The London trio grew up playing music together. They began their performing career at a local pub, with an unlikely song from the American folk canon.