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Rocker Nick Lowe Still Has 'The Old Magic'

Singer-songwriter Nick Lowe joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross for an in-studio interview and performance featuring several songs from his 13th solo album, The Old Magic.

On Commercial Radio, Christmas Is Coming Early

Feel like Christmas music is on early this year? Here's why: ratings are through the roof.

Encore: From Mary Mary, 'Something Big'

With their uplifting lyrics and blend of different genres, award-winning duo Mary Mary has reigned over the modern gospel scene for more than a decade. In this encore broadcast, host Michel Martin speaks with sisters Erica and Tina Campbell about faith, music and the inspiration behind their latest album Something Big.

Robert Johnson And Pablo Casals' Game-Changers Turn 75

Two hugely important recordings, made by pivotal musicians an ocean apart, were made on the same day in 1936.

tUnE-yArDs On World Cafe

The woman behind one of the year's most powerful albums shines even brighter live. On today's show, she presents her music looped, yelped, cooed and otherwise performed to the funky beat of her own drums.

SuperHeavy On World Cafe

What happens when Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, A.R. Rahman, Damian Marley and Dave Stewart make an album together? The once-secret supergroup discusses its creation.